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New Hampshire! Psychedelic Sleepover - June 3rd - 4th, 2017.

RSVP: The Psychedelic Sleepover
Kalya Scintilla
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Electric Forest 2017!! Both Kalya Scintilla and MerKaBa sets.
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Trilogy Purim

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Out now through Merkaba Music!

The second in the Carved series.
Deep, melodic, tribal techno and trance grooves.

Go deep!

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Carved From Silence, by Various

I'm putting together a little inspirational studio creating video and slideshow. Creation works better when your entire space is a creation.
Stay tuned, aware, present and human.
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I'm putting together a little inspirational studio creating video and slideshow. Creation works better when your entire space is a creation.
Stay tuned, aware and present.

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Drop your devices.
Step away from the fear.
Put you hands on the earth.
You have the right to remain sovereign.
EVERYTHING you do, can and will be used to create your reality.
Lightning in a Bottle 2017 with Eve Olution!

Live at @1015sf @euphonic_conceptions SF! Visuals by @thirdeyeprojections and steven haman

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Hey everyone,

The last of the Open Ancient Eyes vinyls that were not sold in the Pledge are now available!
There are only 300 left and they are moving fast!
They feature enhanced cover art, exclusive inside cover art, and that feeling you can only get from vinyl :)


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One week ago we had a magical experience in Denver with our Earth Heart Family. It was a TEAM effort with HÄANA, kLL sMTH, Kaminanda, Desert Dwellers, the Hummingbird Stage, and all the incredible performers, Ogden staff, and FANS who welcomed us with a roar unlike anything we've ever heard, and donated to save the TREES. THANK YOU! ❤
Wow. That was a fun couple of weeks on the road! Great shows in Seattle and Portland. A full power show in San Fran and a NEXT LEVEL show last night in Denver. WOW! We have never felt a roar from a crowd with that much energy ever!!!!
To all the alchemists that co-created these experiences with us - Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, HÄANA, Subaqueous, kLL sMTH, Sixis, Pickles Visuals, Third Eye...
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Last night was packed in SF. Tickets are moving quickly for tonight's show in Denver, CO!!

RSVP: Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution in CO
Denver, CO - The Ogden Theatre this Saturday! "Share" this post and "Comment" below w/ your favorite nature spots on Earth! THREE lucky winners will win 2 spots each on Kalya Scintilla's personal guest list. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Thank you TIMEWHEEL for this beautiful feature!!! Big love to Buckley for an amazing writeup on everything happening! Discover more w/ Eve Olution - Evokation Sacred Art, Merkaba Music, MerKaBa<3 Happy 2017.

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Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution: Making Music for a Better World | TIMEWHEEL

Denver this Saturday at The Ogden Theatre! Alongside Desert Dwellers, Eve Olution, Kaminanda, HÄANA, kLL sMTH! Thank you Euphonic Conceptions!

RSVP: THIS SAT!! Desert Dwellers Live, Kalya Scintilla, Kaminanda, kLL sMTH, & Haana @ the Ogden

Tonight!! Desert Dwellers Live Kalya Scintilla Kaminanda kLL sMTH & Haana at the Ogden

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Bay Area, SF @ 1015 Folsom this weekend, Jan. 6th! THREE lucky winners will each receive 2 pairs of tickets. Simply Share this post & tag a friend in the comments! #EarthHeart [ Bit.ly Link ]