Kamaal R Khan KRK
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Kamaal R Khan KRK
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Kamaal R Khan KRK
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Kamaal R Khan KRK
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Wish you very happy birthday dear (Faisal Khan) #FRK! Love you forever!
Kamaal R Khan KRK
01/20/2017 at 09:07. Facebook
Enjoying Friday holiday in my garden! #Jannat
Can you understand, what I am saying?
The real war is going to happen here.
Thanks to all who are wishing me on my birthday
This is, how anybody can cheat you in your bank account.
This is Kareena Kapoor with her Baby Boy!
This is super cream which politicians use to make their black money to white. And it's produced by Baba Ramdev's Patanjali.
Hahahaha! This is so very true!
According to Modi Govt. Any political party can deposit any number of old notes in the acount under exempted income tax law. Means all the politicians can have black money n enjoy their life but poor ppl have to stand in lines to get their own money n die without food n medicine. So pls think n stop believing Politicians blindly.