I want to own up talent anywhere in the world as my relatives. Especially when they are this close to home, cannot but feel proud. The very best to Thaikkudam Bridge.
Priya sahodaran
- Kamal Haasan

Navarasam - Thaikkudam Bridge - Official Music Video HD - YouTube

"12 years back I wrote a தமிழ் poem . My anger makes sense even today" - KH
Happy Birthday Kamal Haasan Sir! Wishes from Thoongaavanam Team!
Continued II <<<<<<<<<< II  > No! Pain is a lonely place, no Nightingale could bear it with me Florence or elsewhere. Black is a bea...

Fall and Rise - Part III

Join Mr Haasan on July 14th London INDIAN Film Festival - Team KH
Wrap party for KunduNaiduRAW in LA Shruti Haasan
The cool shirt system without which Kundu alias Naidu KunduNaiduRAW would have melted some days the Mercury crossed 105 degrees. This is something I wore inside my fats unit. It reduced my personal body temperature inside the suite by at least 10 degrees.
Just visiting the LAtheatre . Was shooting nearby for KunduNaiduRAW with Shruti Haasan
This is the kind of love dancers showed me when I was a16 year old nobodyI guess artists bond similarly universally. Touched. KunduNaiduRAW
Day 2 7 hours of reading and still smiling. Thanks to Naidu & Kundu They never let the smile slip from our faces KunduNaiduRAW
2nd reading of KunduNaiduRAW . Saurabhji reads to Director Dop ADs Shruti and I. Our smiles will translate to laughs Shruti Haasan
First Look Launch - The adventure of Kundu/Naidu beings KunduNaiduRAW Team
Here's the action poster from Chennai for my Web family. More details on poster! #KunduNaiduRAW