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Kandi Burruss
yesterday at 21:13. Facebook
#Repost @isaachayes3
#ATLANTA 60% African American Majority populous city under the leadership of African Americans. Birth of the Civil Rights Movement. Home to #MartinLutherKing, 3rd Highest concentration of #Fortune500 companies in the US. @repjohnlewis' 5th confessional district that @realdonaldtrump called a ghetto a couple days ago. Let em know @kasimreed #DefendThe5th...
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Kandi Burruss
yesterday at 19:59. Facebook
I love the remix to Bills Bills Bills that Glamour did but the whole mixtape is awesome! Listen to their mixtape on SoundCloud & tell me which one is your fav! Here's one of the videos they did!

[ Youtu.be Link ]

Destiny's Child - Bills, Bills, Bills (Cover Video)

How can you not love Bills Bills Bills? This song is timeless and fits perfectly with our struggle today. LOL. We just had to give it that Glamour spice. Tel...

Kandi Burruss
yesterday at 19:13. Facebook
Do me a favor and go and check out my girls Glamour's new Slaytape "The Writings on the Gram" Thanks to Rap-Up for premiering it! It is a mixtape so the songs are remixes (someone will say it sounds familiar)! Their new single B.A.E comes out Monday 1/23/17 but you can pre-order it now! Comment and share

Stream Glamour's Destiny's Child Tribute Mixtape 'The Writing's on the Gram'

Kandi Burruss
yesterday at 17:30. Facebook
Thank you #drmartinlutherkingjr. We honor you today & always.
Kandi Burruss
yesterday at 13:57. Facebook
I love this guy but #AndrewCaldwell aka #MrDelivert can you please get the lyrics right if you gonna keep singing my song? Love ya boo but the hook is "I stay prayed up. That gets me by. That's how I made it thru my darkest times. Yeah I'm a sinner. And that's no lie. Thank God my prayers are heard cuz he knows I try. I stay prayed up. Yes I stay prayed up. See the only way I made it thru my...
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Kandi Burruss
yesterday at 13:30. Facebook
I love watching my 2 guys together! And yes, Todd really has Ace out here playing basketball in some Timberland's!

WATCH: Todd Shares Adorable Video Of Ace Playing Basketball

Kandi Burruss
yesterday at 04:14. Facebook
Thanks to everyone who voted for me & @bedroomkandi! We definitely had the products poppin at the pop up shop! BedroomKandi.com
Kandi Burruss
yesterday at 03:33. Facebook
My girl group @officiallyglamour is dropping their SlayTape tomorrow of all their favorite #DestinysChilds songs that they've remixed! It's just something special before they drop their original song next week! These girls are dope! Follow @officiallyglamour
Kandi Burruss
yesterday at 02:14. Facebook
I'm glad tonight's #RHOA was geared towards something positive! We have amazing products at @bedroomkandi & we are a company that gives back. Check out BedroomKandi.com & see what we have to offer. Also if you've ever thought about being a consultant this is the perfect time. You can make up to 60% of all your sales!
Kandi Burruss
yesterday at 01:05. Facebook
The new episode is on now! #RHOA are you tuned in
Kandi Burruss
01/15/2017 at 23:53. Facebook
ATL!!! I'm a studio owner myself & there are so many amazing hitmakers in the city of Atl. Please Let's pull together and stop the proposed Sound Studio Ordinance. We need your help! Everything you need to know is in the link. [ Bit.ly Link ] #RedItOut
[ Bit.ly Link ]
Kandi Burruss
01/15/2017 at 20:11. Facebook
Make sure to tune in tonight for the new episode of #RHOA!
Kandi Burruss
01/15/2017 at 18:07. Facebook
This is a pic of my dining room. My friend @thefauxpro did the walls. If you're interested in learning how to do decorative painting class is January 28th & January 29th from 11am - 5pm in Atlanta, GA #fauxbeginnersdiyworkshop #fauxfinish click the link in @thefauxpro's bio.
Kandi Burruss
01/15/2017 at 13:30. Facebook
I just love how Beyoncé & Solange are each others biggest fans! And Solange telling Bey that her favorite show is Real Housewives of Atlanta makes me smile!

Beyonce Interviewed Solange & It Is Everything

Kandi Burruss
01/15/2017 at 04:22. Facebook
Congrats @lucindacross on winning the first episode of #QueenBoss! Your life story is inspiring & I love your idea for your vision board kits. Everybody is having vision board parties right now. Order from @lucindacross to help #ActivateYourVision #femaleentrepreneur #womensupportingwomen @bet @centrictv
Kandi Burruss
01/15/2017 at 04:14. Facebook
I have to say I absolutely loved #RahamaWright. Her product @sheayeleen is awesome. There were a lot of factors that made us come to the decision we made. Overall Rahama was further ahead in building her brand & financially it was gonna help @lucindacross' business more. @sheayeleen is an awesome product! Order some.
Kandi Burruss
01/15/2017 at 03:58. Facebook
Even if you don't win #QueenBoss you're still a winner! Everyone shop with @viscerany & Get your own 'Queen' dress at .
#femaleentrepreneur #womensupportingwomen
Kandi Burruss
01/15/2017 at 03:30. Facebook
I have to thank my girls @camaraaunique & @kiddwife for getting me together for #QueenBoss.
Kandi Burruss
01/15/2017 at 01:22. Facebook
It's almost time for the premier of #QueenBoss! It comes on at 10pm EST on @bet & @centrictv. Word to the wise, whenever you're pitching your product in front of a possible investor you have to be able to sell it! Be knowledgeable about the product & be able to answer questions. You have to show us that you're excited & truly believe in your business for others to want to support your movement.
Kandi Burruss
01/14/2017 at 20:48. Facebook
The wait is over! #QueenBoss premiere's tonight @ 10pm on @CentricTv & @BET. This show is all about women entrepreneur's taking their business to the next level! We always say that we want more positive TV. #QueenBoss is just that so spread the word & set your DVR!