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Cloudy February skies reflect in the windows of Hale Library. #KStateSocial
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Researchers from K-State's Olathe and Manhattan campuses are taking goat cheese production to the next level. The first descriptive list of goat cheese flavors was recently published in the Journal of Sensory Studies.

Discover more about this study and how it helps cheese producers at bit.ly/2lACied.

Study catalogs the complex flavors of American made goat cheese | News | K-State Olathe | Kansas State University

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Experiences and opportunities can help with self-discovery and passion. Read how @APDesignKState student, Marcos Aleman, found his career path through work on a unique, interactive exhibit for the Beach Museum at bit.ly/2lKxViG.

His work will be unveiled at the K-State Open House on April 1.

Student discovers career path by providing practical contributions to biodiverse meadow | Kansas State University | News and Communications Services

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See the premiere of "Slow and Low," a documentary about Kansas agriculture pilots, next Wednesday, March 1, at 3 p.m. at K-State Libraries in the Hemisphere Room. The showing is free and open to the public.
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Three cases of mumps have been confirmed among K-State students. Read more at bit.ly/2kNBzcf.

Three Kansas State University students diagnosed with mumps | Kansas State University | News and Communications Services

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Need some inspiration? Visit the William T. Kemper Art Gallery in the K-State Student Union to view and critique student created artwork.
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Early signs of spring are on display at Kansas State University Gardens.
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Watch out Batman and Superman, there may be a new superhero in town and its superpower is fighting bone cancer. Explore the doctoral research being done at K-State by Tuyen Nguyen at bit.ly/2lAkkdZ.

Doctoral student seeks way to beat tumors faster than chemotherapy | Kansas State University

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Current students, the #KState priority date to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is March 1.

Find additional information regarding financial assistance and deadlines at bit.ly/2lNmyUa.
Wildcats, it is another beautiful February day to close out the school week. #KStateSocial
The first FAFSA financial aid award notices have been sent to incoming freshman. Students receiving financial aid have until May 1 to accept the offer through K-State's Student Information System (KSIS). More information is available at bit.ly/2lSgJoc

The priority deadline for all students to apply for FAFSA is March 1. Additional information on FAFSA is available at .

Kansas State University sends financial aid award notices early to help students, families plan | Kansas State University | News and Communications Services

The landscape of our Manhattan campus has changed since our founding on Feb. 16, 1863, but we all know a spot we love full well. Happy Founder's Day, Wildcats!

Explore more about the #WildcatWay at bit.ly/WCWresilience.
Feel the energy and discover the possibilities at #KStateOpenHouse on April 1. Explore activities and exhibits at bit.ly/KStateOH.
Wildcats are strong. We are compassionate. We don't give up. That's the #WildcatWay. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Fellowship grants to study grain and milk supplies will help K-State improve local and global food supplies. Explore these areas of research at bit.ly/2kQt9PO. #GlobalFoodSystems

Researcher, doctoral student receive federal fellowships to study grain crops, dairy production strategies | Kansas State University | News and Communications Services

I know a spot I love full well...
How do you #LoveKState? Let us show you the ways. #KStateSocial
Do you #LoveKState traditions? Tell us your favorite K-State tradition in the comments below.

Learn more about our traditions at bit.ly/1y1I7im. #KStateSocial
We know a spot that we love full well ... stop by our #KStateSocial booth today from 11:30-1:30 at the K-State Student Union and tell us why you #LoveKState.
Live interview with Beach Museum about "Kansas Veterinarian at Work: A Portrait by Tom Mohr” exhibit. Learn more about the exhibit at [ Bit.ly Link ].