Happy #WordWednesday.

Today we're looking at the difference between the words 'peace' 'piece' and 'peas.'

I enjoy some *PEACE* and quiet once the children have gone to sleep.

Would you like a *PIECE* of chocolate cake?

I had mushy *PEAS* with my dinner last night.

Quirky and artistic, Portland is known for it’s natural beauty and world famous coffee.

Here’s what our students at Kaplan International English - Portland love most about the city >> [ Bit.ly Link ]

Studying in Portland? Share your travel tips with us in the comments below. #TravelTuesday
This is how you celebrate St Patrick's Day

Say hello to our students over at Kaplan International English - Dublin , who celebrated #StPatricksDay this weekend.

How did you celebrate St Patrick's Day? #KaplanExperience
This is what a rainy day in London looks like.

How many of you have visited the iconic Big Ben? Let us know your favourite London attraction in the comments below. #KaplanExperience
We’re jumping into the weekend like…

Say hi to Jhean, who is enjoying the views at Kaplan International English - Edinburgh. #KaplanExperience
Congratulations to this week’s #KaplanExperience winner Valeria, who shared this awesome photo at Santa Monica pier.

Who wants to study at Kaplan International English - Los Angeles after seeing this amazing image?
Have you ever heard someone use the phrase ‘spill the beans?’

Check out our video to see what it means and how to use it in a sentence. #Idioms #KaplanEnglishTips

It’s #WordWednesday and today we’re looking at the words ‘where’ and ‘wear.’

I don't know what to *WEAR* to Isabella’s birthday party.

Do you know *WHERE* the park is?

Happy #TravelTuesday!

Hands up if you want to visit Sydney?

Here’s 5 things our students at Kaplan International English - Sydney love about Australia’s most iconic city >>[ Bit.ly Link ]
Beautiful weather? ✅
Great views? ✅
Best friend? ✅

Here’s two of our students from Kaplan International English - New York Empire State showing us the ultimate study abroad goals in NYC. #KaplanExperience #MondayMotivation
We’re back with another #TongueTwisters video.

Hit play and see how the Kaplan team got on when faced with some of the most difficult tongue twisters.

Think you can beat them? Record them and share your video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #KaplanTongueTwisters
Congratulations to this week’s #KaplanExperience winner Pol, pictured here at Kaplan International English - Adelaide.

Say hi to Valeria, who's taking in the sights at the Grand Canyon.

Where is the best place you've visited during your #KaplanExperience? Let us know in the comments below!
Another Thursday, another idiom video.

Today our team are looking at the phrase ‘fever pitch.’

Hit play and find out what it means and how to use it in a sentence. #Idioms #KaplanEnglishTips

It's #WordWednesday and today we're looking at the words 'less' and 'fewer' >> [ Bit.ly Link ]

Do you know the difference? Check out our tips and let us know how you would use them in a sentence in the comments below. #KaplanEnglishTips
Happy #TravelTuesday.

Today our students at Kaplan International English - Adelaide are telling us what they love about Adelaide.

Check out their travel tips here, and add yours in the comments below >> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Thanks to Peter at Kaplan International English - Torquay for sharing this AWESOME photo!

What words would you use to caption this photo? #KaplanExperience #MondayMotivation
Thanks to Togo for sharing this amazing photo while he studied with us at Kaplan International English - Edinburgh.

We’re dreaming of this view of Arthur’s Seat. #KaplanExperience
Time for some #SaturdayStudyTips.

*Calling all film fans!* Do you know what a ‘cameo’ is? Or do you know your classics from your blockbusters?

Check out our film themed infographic, where you’ll learn all the key terminology used in the film industry >> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Say hello to Japanese student Keisuke, who is this week’s #KaplanExperience winner.

Congratulations Keisuke, we love this selfie at Kaplan International English - Vancouver.