Karan Kundra
Karan Kundra
04/19/2017 at 11:52. Facebook
Sup Amigos??? Have meetings/classes/dates... but biking is love??? lol I know exactly what it feels like!! Check out the new HE Waterless face wash. It's really helpful for me as I no longer have to look for water to wash my face after thrilling bike rides. #Waterless #HEONTHEGO HE Be Interesting
Sup Amigos Have meetingsclassesdates but biking is love lol I know exactly
Farha Hussain
Anubha Agrawal
Smita Gyanani
Karan Kundra
Karan Kundra
04/18/2017 at 09:54. Facebook
The fun continues at #VIVOIPL! Had an amazing evening at the @Vivo_India VIP Box with @gauravkapur for #VivoCam
The fun continues at VIVOIPL Had an amazing evening at the VivoIndia
Kunal Singh
Anjum Hayat
Swati Swati
Karan Kundra
Karan Kundra
04/17/2017 at 06:27. Facebook
Guys do check out this video. This guy has participated in the Wrangler #TrueWanderer competition and needs atleast 4000 votes to win the first round and there are only two days left.

Please VOTE for him and SHARE it with your friends and family on Facebook. Your vote matters. This competition is important for his parents and all those who believed in him to do something.

Go to this link...
View details โ‡จ
Guys do check out this video This guy has participated in the

29 States in 16 Months - On a bullet Yatra by Dhruv Dholakia

Dhruv Dholakia has made an Incredible journey covering all 29 states of India on his Motorbike(Nandi).. The video above was made to cover all of them and was...

On a Bullet Yatra
On a Bullet Yatra
Princessv Kissoon
All in a days work :) @ Mumbai, India
All in a days work    Mumbai India
Sunita Singh Chauhan
Varun Raghuvanshi
Shaurya Dhanraj
Delhi was mad fun!! It's true when they say Delhi people know how to have a great loud frikkin time ;))) love you #delhi and Vivo India for the best ever seats for the IPL
Delhi was mad fun Its true when they say Delhi people know
Yuvakshi Mittal
Princy Jain
Ramnik Sabharwal
I love you #delhi you have always given me so much love! #vivoipl @vivo_india
Manisha Sharma
Rosalina Amy
Ritanshi Grover
Happy Birthday to our Roxtar!! Bless You! @anitahassanandani
Happy Birthday to our Roxtar Bless You anitahassanandani
Pooja Sagar
Deepali Agrawal
Nidhi Chauhan
Just wanted to thank ya'll for reaching out to me with your love on my exit from #roadiesrising I have been overwhelmed by your messages, comments and tweets! Haven't got so much love ever!! #grateful #keepsmiling Thank you @niveditasaboocouture for my very sexy cool jacket! #summerfashion
Just wanted to thank yall for reaching out to me with your
Trishita Podder
Cherise Singh
Pragya Ballabh
Associated with MTV Roadies for the past two seasons, actor Karan quit the current season 'Roadies Rising' midway post auditions and the reason was his big role in the upcoming Bollywood film 'Mubarak
Karan Kundra 04/11/2017

PICS: Missing Karan Kundra in 'Roadies'? Here's what your fav star was upto after quitting MTV show!

Priya Mishra
Ritanshi Grover
Simar Raisinghani
Yashika Tuteja
Mohammed Ali Khan
Priya Saxena
Success is sheer hard work, passion, dedication and knowledge of one's art!! And on top of that if you are humble and helpful, you are just a gem! Cheers @arjunkapoor for being just that! #mubarakan
Success is sheer hard work passion dedication and knowledge of ones art
Aparna Singh
Sfh Vin
Manavi Agrawal
Jyoti Barot
Kriyak Virani
Ajmer Singh
When he comes and sleeps right in the middle of my shoes #monster #unpacking
When he comes and sleeps right in the middle of my shoes monster unpacking
Arvin Santos
Jeel Sheth
Ronak Nanvare
Have what it takes to be a star? Want to make it big???? Lost boys are coming to find new talent!! Dehradun is the place to be on 8th and 9 th April!! #goforyourdreams #hustle
Have what it takes to be a star Want to make it
YD Uma
Ritanshi Grover
Madiha Meddy
Thank you Anil sir for the wonderful evening! You sir are legendary! Learnt a lot from the roxtar himself! #mubarakan #london
Thank you Anil sir for the wonderful evening You sir are legendary
SAnam Jan
Ritu Ajwani
Mona Thakur
Somebody plz find this idiot and report him to the cops
Adityaa Mudgal
Kartik Negi
Rajat Styles
Persevere.. it's all in or nothing!
Persevere its all in or nothing
Shweta Khoodeeram
ุฃุฏู… ุดุงู‡ูŠู†
Madhu Kundra
Shilpa Yadav
Priyanka Mondal
Karan Chopra
Rannvijay Singh Singha veerji Thanks for nominating!! Challenge accepted.
I nominate Anusha @johnny_talker, Karan Patel Aly Goni to take the #ChizzaRapChallenge KFC,India loads of love to y'all! Rithvik Dhanjani are you listening brother!??? Rithvik Dhanjani KFC
SAnam Jan
Roshan Dhami
Arjit Rawat
#VIVOIPLTrophyTour brings us to apno amdavad!! #ahemdabad Its always a pleasure to be in Gujarat! @vivo_india & @niveditasaboocouture what a sexy summer jacket! And my precious superwoman @vjanusha for always ringing my look โค
VIVOIPLTrophyTour brings us to apno amdavad ahemdabad Its always a pleasure to
Hitesh Solanki
Anubha Agrawal
Kriyak Virani