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Shot a new video. Not responding to the BS. But just laying out everything for you Kukus.

Because you deserve a better me.

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Girls are like Guys Now!

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It's a wrap!
Can't wait for guys to see the new projects we got coming!
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You WILL NOT believe what happened!

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Reports say he pulled her hijab
Would you help a blind person? I went to both Dubai and New York City for this experiment and you will be shocked!

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This Man needs a show! The realist THUG on the planet!

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Me and my baby bro react to old videos of us as KIDS!

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On Feb 4th 3:30PM West Nyack New York
He always does
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They wouldn't serve a woman water an airplane for wearing hijab. A man escapes from the police and tells me all about it. Just some of the stories you will hear in today's Part 3 New York Stories for a Dollar.
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Having a show on February 4th 3:30pm

West Nyack New York at Levity Live

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Man ya Yahya I love you habibi but as an Egyptian myself this was embarrassing lol

But shout out to the celebrities who were kind hearted and gave him their time. Especially Donnie Wahlberg who I have worked with and is always respectful to others and their culture.
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Everything sold a portion of it will be donated to #Aleppo victims

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