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Karise Eden

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Just Finished mowing 2 acres on my ride on, little B man is sleeping & contented.
Listening to John Fogerty & CCR with a wild turkey in hand. What a beautiful Saturday in sunny North QLD! CHEERS!

Want to get my bike licence - not what I had in mind, but, it will do!
Old mates specialty
Get a bit o' pork on Ya fork!
With my dusty car in the back round.
When I'm NOT being KE.
Looking pretty chill.

Just me, a rod & my little muffin top lmao

Didn't catch a thing! There was a beautiful sea turtle scaring away the fish! But I'd rather sit here & watch him poke his head up for air all day

What beautiful country!
Happy Father's Day, Enjoy this special day

Any brekkie in bed ? BBQ's? Fishing? Quality time?
What are you lot getting up to on this day?

When my sister & I where kids, we would address Father's Day cards to mum & give her tools etc for Father's Day.
We would sing happy Mother's Day/Father's Day to the happy birthday tune whilst bringing her, her brekkie in bed.
We where (WHERE lol) so...
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Love this one.

And, Don't forget all the great hard working men out there in the exact shoes, giving it their all !!!!

A big CHEERS to you all on this day.

Much love
Wow, amazing.

The positive power of the voice.

This is old news, but new to me!

Feel free to keep this growing

KE xx

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Had to share, I think this is great!
To all you crazy fun, jiggly & tattooed women like me! Ha!
Ahhh!! After 3 tours In one year, it's a blessing to be relaxed & at home with all my baby's!!
I think I can feel some lyrics & new songs coming along..! KE
We finished the recent Rebellion Tour with a weekend of shows in Tassie. I stayed on for a few days to show Blayden snow for the first time. Thank you everyone who came to the shows. I miss the stage and your faces already.
This is where I spent a lot of time learning guitar. My aunt & uncle opened & owned it.
Before this they owned a music shop up the road where I spent even more time.
It used to be called "peninsula "skewl" of music" lol
See ya ettalong !
Was nice to come home again

My bag is packed ready to fly to Central Coast for the show in Ettalong tomorrow- my old hood. Starting to feel half human again. She'll be right mate!! Let's smash it !

x KE
Whoever put this poster up must be really really tall! ; )
Me and DEAN RAY MUSIC are having way too much fun on our Rebellion Tour. Come and share it with us! 9 shows left.
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**selfie alert**

Thank you once again TWIN TOWNS!!!

You ROCK!!

Listening to Mr Ray Ray on stage now !!

4 years ago today, this is how the official ARIA single chart looked!
Teddies, me, and tea served by Dean Ray. That's how we roll on tour! Haha x KE
Flying to WA today for 4 special shows with DEAN RAY MUSIC in Perth, Bunbury, North Perth, and Ravenswood x
Tickets & details at [ Kariseeden.com Link ]