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Karissa Pukas
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Karissa Pukas
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Karissa Pukas
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I'm wearing the Sexy AF lashes in this photo ☺✨
The more you know....

Educate + Legalize!! It could be helping so many people.
THANK YOU GUYS FOR COMING TODAY!! YOU ALL ROCK AND I LOVE YOU ✨Also, thank you to Locks and Mane & Hudson's Bay Vancouver for hosting my meet up ☺
Head over to [ Locksandmane.com Link ] to peep the extensions #locksandmane

Wearing House Of Harlow 1960 from REVOLVE
Me. This is me.

Hahaha tag a person who dresses for fashion and not the weather ✨
Don't be fooled... there is no such thing as cruelty free Mink, or "we collect from zoo's"- animals are still being used and abused.

Do everyone a favor and swear off Mink Lashes.

There are plenty of Vegan brands (including my own- SocialEyes Lash) that you can support instead. Why use something cruel when you really don't have to??
Now this was a good listen....

I don't agree with everything he says, but really feel he's spot on on most of it.

Bottom line- Always have conversations, always ask questions. Knowledge is power.
Awesome video re: Testing Pills and why it's so important to have these conversations.

Drug policies need to change- what North America and many countries is doing clearly DOES NOT WORK.

Public knowledge that isn't based out of fear but actual information and testing booths like Ankors Harm Reduction ([ Ankorsvolunteer.com) Link ] are the only way we will minimize problems in our society....
View details ⇨

Why do young women keep dying after taking ecstasy? – video

Come on Vancouver,!!
So much respect for this Project Ponies program and the women who run it ✨

Go give their page a like and if you can, donate! Your help matters
This is a great visual if you're struggling Yo-Yo fitness / health.

Little changes create your huge change!!!