New York is always a good idea..
Thank you for a wonderful evening.. #NewYork #upfronts
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The cover is out! Get your copy of @spiritandflesh magazine. What do you think?
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Thank you for a wonderful evening. A&E Networks, History Channel
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About last night.. Thank you A&E and History Channel for having me.
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Love these boyz.. #Vikings
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For the past few months, we’ve received little to no updates on the long-awaited film adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved The Dark Tower series which is scheduled to hit theaters this summer with Nikolaj Arcel at the helm. Thankfully, King took to Twitter this past weekend to share a first look at…

Stephen King unveils first 'The Dark Tower' poster on Twitter, trailer still to come - Silver Screen Beat
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Dark Tower poster is out..what do you think? #darktower #stephenking
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Nothing like having these fierce women as life long friends..
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Just got my hands on a copy of my new cover for @spiritandflesh. Couldn't be more excited! #tada #friends #NewYork ✨
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You know you're in New York when.. #bestphotobombever #NewYork
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My new chair.. #Lagertha #queen #myassisstayingputIvar
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Getting hyped up for Paddy's Day.. #sillyfacewar #siblings
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Stephen King has seen the adaptation of his novel The Dark Tower, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, and says it's terrific.

Stephen King has seen The Dark Tower and says it's terrific
Just had the ride of my life.. #sparklesthewarriorhorse
Nail envy.. #Lagertha #badassnails #nails
What do you think? #ink #Lagertha #Ragnar
Keep it simple..
What do the #Vikings cast eat in real life? ...yep, it's a Pig's Head Feast. #friends
#Vikings sandwich.. #myboys