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Katyuska MoonFox
12/07/2016 at 22:38. Facebook
My top 9 on Instagram this year! Anything you'd be interested in seeing in 2017?
Katyuska MoonFox
12/06/2016 at 22:00. Facebook
I've been wanting to do Gantz forever, it's my favorite manga and I ended up choosing a slightly alternative design but still lots of fun although latex is a killer. Photo by John Pryke
Katyuska MoonFox
12/03/2016 at 23:00. Facebook
Been working on some cosplay and non cosplay stuff with John Pryke. I'm in Japan currently but forgot to post!

Unfortunately I'm off to Japan so I can't play it for the next fortnight and I'm jealous and a bit sad but ever since getting my final fantasy sleeve, I get to carry my home with me every where I go and when I get back it'll be there.

I hope you all are as excited as I am. I'm going to cry into making it rain for that sweet release day merch in Japan

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My babe of a bff Kiara Kirameki did a bunny suit Mercy, how awesome is it!. Have any of you been playing overwatch?
Here's some of my new costumes! I did Gantz and Terra (Sakizou) . Shooting them both this Sunday :3 so here's a couple of the convention snaps I've found so far!
Only a few hours left now, so last post now! Link in comments!

Thanks so much, I love this hobby and am always looking at ways to improve more, do more of the things I love. Got a few new cos coming out this month and a huge backlog to shoot when I get a chance. I feel like Ive come so far out of my shell the past few years and have lost then again found my motivation through the friends I've...
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Only just over 24 hours to go before I stop my print run!

Thank you to everyone who got some, I really love personalizing them and putting love into them!

Link in comments and code for last day discount!

Photo by What a Big Camera
Hey all!

Only a couple days left of doing a print run! I'm doing a special offer. A couple of orders are going to get cute smol Mari prints thrown in just because :D

Thank you all so much to those that have ordered already looking forward to writing silly messages on them :)

Link in comments!

(Also a couple of girlfriends and I are looking foward to doing the whole prison school gang...
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Only a few days left until I close up! Use 'VIP' for discount on check out.
I'll be throwing in a few extra prints for a couple of people at random who grab :D

Thank you to those who have supported my cosplay making through prints. Helping me do the things I love!
Here's a throw back to Tharja goodness. She's my spirit animal and probably a more socially anxious version of myself :P

This photo is also available now for the birthday print run I'm doing, link in comments.

Photo by What A Big Camera
Booty avengers!

Black Widow taken by What A Big Camera!

I'm running a week long print shop just before my birthday! These are the last time these older costumes will be available. Link in comments :3'
In 2 weeks I turn 23!

I've been here with you all since I was 17, and it's been a bumpy ride but Ive loved every second I've got to share with you all.

I've met so many wonderful people and have gotten a chance to talk to you all on some posts and you seriously make the day awesome!

Thank you guys so much! Really!

Have some yoko from when I was 19 hahahahha
Here's a video of my full final fantasy VIII sleeve since some people have asked to see it :)
Flashback to goods with What A Big Camera
More cute cat things with Kiara Kirameki from last weekend :3
Hi all!

If you get a friend request from me, it's not actually me!

A few cosplayers have saucy Facebook clones out there, trying to steal your credit card details for cam shows. It's a trap! They're trying to take all your money.

If you see one, of myself who tries to add you, please report! No need to worry, I know they're out there. Reporting helps us a lot.

Hope you're all having a...
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My homegirl Kiara Kirameki and I baked sweets and had a nice lazy day on Sunday! Waifus for laifu!