Katyuska MoonFox
03/23/2017 at 22:50. Facebook
Some stuff I've been working on this week!
Katyuska MoonFox
03/23/2017 at 01:31. Facebook
Katyuska MoonFox
03/22/2017 at 22:37. Facebook
Filming some stuff for YouTube today. Including Q&A and some game discussion videos.
What are you things you'd like to know for a Q&A?
Katyuska MoonFox
03/22/2017 at 00:52. Facebook
Getting ready to shoot Lust today
Misa!!!! Full set will be available soon :) couple more shoots this week too
I'll be finishing my fansigns for my patrons in this tomorrow :3 still time if you want to join
When your cat knows what's up
Good morning from Australia!

Bringing out Tifa for the next con for a FF7 group. I really love Tifa, and relate to her a lot. Not because she's independent and strong willed but because she's very human, has goals, flawed emotions and truly loves those she cares about.

When I'm down I play FF, it's something I grew up with and makes me the happiest in the world.

So if you see me at gold...
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Inspired by so many character boudoir I decided to try it! FT OBSESSIVE BEST GRILL MISA
This months kicking off on patreon and I'm planning some awesome stuff coming up. What do you want to see this month? :)
February set is dropping today. You can pledge whenever now to get content :)

Here's an esper Terra, I've done.
Last day to become a patron to get this month's content! Rias, Esper Terra, and some vampy pics as well as shipped prints.

Cracking back into the cosplay in March! :) so many Nier cosplay coming.
4 days left to get this set on Patreon!

Usually at shoots I'll only do a couple photos but Patreon has driven me to do full sets, here is a couple of my favorites but the full 13 images will be available to the appropriate tiered patrons!

At the end of next week all Patrons will be gettings goodies sent out!

Thank you John for the photos and collaborating with my weird ideas!
I know Facebook limits my posts so have really cringy video. Now I'm in my pjs so I can't refilm it Hahahahaha
I've got some shoots coming up this/next week, as well as filming some BTS videos for my patreon.
What kind of things do you want to see?
All Febs content will be released in just over a week for this months patrons link in comments
Rias Photoshoot :3 full set will be up on my patreon in the next few weeks photo by John Pryke
Did a little shoot for my Patreon only :) just showing you the kind of stuff that goes on. Feel free to check it out :3
You can find the rest of the lewd Gantz shoot up on my patreon now! :D

Photo by John Pryke
Shooting Rias for my patreon today! also a new exclusive Tifa shoot coming up soon as well as some other projects! I'm feeling motivated again woo