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Hope you all have a good new year! My run with John is still going until the beginning of the new year hopefully this new year will give me plenty of opportunity to do some new things.
John pryke took this photo :3
This was an experimental shoot I shot with John and I was a bit nervous but overall I think women's bodies should be celebrated and I'm glad I've come so far with my self confidence in the last year.

This shot and others (gantz, yoko, tifa and others) are available online atm. Link in comments.
GANTZ NO PANTZ. Thanks John for indulging me in a my seedy media cos choices. I had so much fun wearing this.

Currently doing a Christmas photo launch with John, so Yoko, Tifa, Mari and other photos are available with the link in comments :3
More Reika Gantz goodness with John Pryke!

This photo was me trying to recreate some artwork, one of the ones that was inspiration for this alternate design!

Gantz has been my favorite manga since I first read it, I fell in love with the humanity and survival storyline and the utter gore/perversion of it too. Still have the HUGEST crush on Kei probably why I like Reika so much.

10/10 WOULD...
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My top 9 on Instagram this year! Anything you'd be interested in seeing in 2017?
I've been wanting to do Gantz forever, it's my favorite manga and I ended up choosing a slightly alternative design but still lots of fun although latex is a killer. Photo by John Pryke
Been working on some cosplay and non cosplay stuff with John Pryke. I'm in Japan currently but forgot to post!

Unfortunately I'm off to Japan so I can't play it for the next fortnight and I'm jealous and a bit sad but ever since getting my final fantasy sleeve, I get to carry my home with me every where I go and when I get back it'll be there.

I hope you all are as excited as I am. I'm going to cry into making it rain for that sweet release day merch in Japan

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My babe of a bff Kiara Kirameki did a bunny suit Mercy, how awesome is it!. Have any of you been playing overwatch?
Here's some of my new costumes! I did Gantz and Terra (Sakizou) . Shooting them both this Sunday :3 so here's a couple of the convention snaps I've found so far!
Only a few hours left now, so last post now! Link in comments!

Thanks so much, I love this hobby and am always looking at ways to improve more, do more of the things I love. Got a few new cos coming out this month and a huge backlog to shoot when I get a chance. I feel like Ive come so far out of my shell the past few years and have lost then again found my motivation through the friends I've...
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Only just over 24 hours to go before I stop my print run!

Thank you to everyone who got some, I really love personalizing them and putting love into them!

Link in comments and code for last day discount!

Photo by What a Big Camera
Hey all!

Only a couple days left of doing a print run! I'm doing a special offer. A couple of orders are going to get cute smol Mari prints thrown in just because :D

Thank you all so much to those that have ordered already looking forward to writing silly messages on them :)

Link in comments!

(Also a couple of girlfriends and I are looking foward to doing the whole prison school gang...
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Only a few days left until I close up! Use 'VIP' for discount on check out.
I'll be throwing in a few extra prints for a couple of people at random who grab :D

Thank you to those who have supported my cosplay making through prints. Helping me do the things I love!
Here's a throw back to Tharja goodness. She's my spirit animal and probably a more socially anxious version of myself :P

This photo is also available now for the birthday print run I'm doing, link in comments.

Photo by What A Big Camera
Booty avengers!

Black Widow taken by What A Big Camera!

I'm running a week long print shop just before my birthday! These are the last time these older costumes will be available. Link in comments :3'
In 2 weeks I turn 23!

I've been here with you all since I was 17, and it's been a bumpy ride but Ive loved every second I've got to share with you all.

I've met so many wonderful people and have gotten a chance to talk to you all on some posts and you seriously make the day awesome!

Thank you guys so much! Really!

Have some yoko from when I was 19 hahahahha