One of the most overlooked things about #NewZealand that hits you every time you come home are the #stars... you can see them so clearly here!
From virtual reality technology #startups to a unique new Kiwi snoring solution, there are some fantastic NZ companies looking for #global connections. Can you help? #KeaConnect #ASB

Connection Seekers
Did you know New Zealand #butterflies are highly endemic? More than 95% of #Kiwi species are found nowhere else in the world...

Ghosts of Summer | New Zealand Geographic
What do you know about the bird on #NewZealand's $10 note?

Whio | New Zealand Geographic
#NewZealand is actually a geologic continent: #Zealandia The discovery is expected to have major #economic and geopolitical implications for us

Earth has a brand-new continent called 'Zealandia,' and it's been hiding in plain sight for ages
Aurora australis at the geographic South Pole by #Kiwi Hamish Wright, #NZGeo Photographer of the Year 2016 - #POTY2016
#Jandals, #black jerseys and student loan angst - How do you spot a #Kiwi traveller?

10 ways to spot a Kiwi travelling overseas
First the earthquake, now the #fire! Timelapsed footage shows the #Christchurch Port Hills burn through the night. Hang in there, folks :(

Watch: Stunning timelapse footage of Christchurch's Port Hills' fires - National - NZ Herald Videos
#Connect with fellow Kiwis around the world to help grow your business and #global aspirations! #KeaConnect #ASB

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Beutiful #MtTaranaki captured from #space as a perfect circle emerging from green forest. Fantastic shot by orbiting astronaut Thomas Pesquet
Happy #Valentine's Day to all #Kiwi couples around the world. Are you doing something special?

New Zealand’s Most Romantic Spots
Congratulations to New Zealand's own #WetaDigital for winning an early #Oscar at the 2017 Academy Awards!

Oscars 2017: Weta Digital wins early Science and Technical award for software
Have you successfully paid off your #student loan while living overseas? Measuring the #dollar value of a tertiary #education is no easy task

Why parents should not pay for kids' uni fees
You can tell a whole lot about a place by its #bathrooms. From Matakana to Kawakawa, #NewZealand has some pretty spectacular ones of its own!

Toilet spotting across New Zealand and the world
How much do you know about #NewZealand history? With calls for Te reo Māori and the Land Wars to be compulsory in #schools, detabe rages over what we should teach our #kids

Kiwis 'oblivious' to NZ history
#NewZealand earthquakes: Lessons learned from the 6.3 magnitude 2011 #Christchurch earthquake shaped the 2016 response in #Wellington

Deja vu but different: how the fall of one New Zealand city helped save another
How do #Kiwis in the #US feel about Washington's new rhetoric around #immigrants? This Kiwi chef in New York opted for a "silent protest"

Kiwi chef in New York makes 'silent protest' at Donald Trump's immigration policy
Find Kiwi #jobs and talent around the world with #Kea. List your expat opportunities with us and we'll help you find what you are after.

Kea | Jobs
The long-lasting significance of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ trilogy: 15 years on the #MiddleEarth movies are classics and #NewZealand tourism booms.
Discovering Auckland’s charms and idioms: from ‘popping your clogs’ on K Road to ‘boob tubes’ in Ponsonby

Discovering Auckland’s Charms (and Idioms)