So excited to have Claire Petretti Marti joining us on our Survivor Retreat!

Heal Through Love: Join Us For KAB’s Survivor Retreat!
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The submission deadline for has been extended until April 5th! Submit your short film and let your voice be heard!

A healthy diet is your bodies first line of defense!

Can a good diet help ward off cancer?
There are few feelings that match how great it feels giving back to your community

Being A Queer Chicana and What I Learned About Myself at My First Gay Pride
"I wasn't sure what to do," she says. "Before I got the results, I had always just said, If it comes back positive, I'll do whatever I can. I was so sure that I would be emotionally detached from the entire situation... Once I found out, it wasn't as easy of a decision as I thought it was going to be."

‘Previvors’: The Young Women Getting Mastectomies to Prevent Breast Cancer | Broadly
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Tell your story and answer the submissions call for the #UPTOGOODimpactFilmFestival! Submit your short impact video or film to advocate for a cause you care about and make it famous!

UPTOGOOD Impact Film Festival 2017
"Kathleen was only 23 and the last thing she was thinking about was cancer, but she found her own lump and everything changed. This is her story"

I Was Only 23, How Did I Have Breast Cancer?
Stay positive!
Today we will be celebrating #InternationalWomensDay by posting wonderful women who chose to #beboldforchange
Just keep going!
Today we will be celebrating #InternationalWomensDay by posting wonderful women who chose to #beboldforchange
It doesn't have to be the National Day of Unplugging to do a digital detox

National Day of Unplugging - Some Ideas For A Digital Detox!