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“Nobody can see that you’re ill, so people don’t understand" - Blanka's journey #KeepItPumping #HeartFailure
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Boosted self-image and self-esteem are potential benefits of exercising #HeartFailure [ Link ]
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Activity, diet, and stopping bad habits can all help prevent the progression of #HeartFailure. [ Link ]
“I had no idea what having #HeartFailure meant.” Watch Henk's Journey. #KeepItPumping
Cold weather can put extra strain on our hearts so it’s important to keep warm over winter. Comment below and tell us your favorite winter warmers. #KeepItPumping #HeartFailure

Keeping well over winter
2017 is here so it’s time to make a #NewYearResolution.

What is your #HeartFailure resolution this year?
For some, the festive season brings cold weather.

Discover how you can #KeepItPumping this #winter with these handy #HeartFailure tips: [ Link ]
Happy holidays!

Learn how you can #KeepWarm and #KeepItPumping this festive season with our #HeartFailure tips.

Top tips for looking after your heart this winter
Fewer than 1 in 10 people can identify 3 common symptoms of #HeartFailure [ Link ]
We at Keep It Pumping would like to wish you a #HappyHoliday and #Happy2017 wherever you are in the world.
"I have to live at a slower’s difficult because people don’t understand." - Catherine. #KeepItPumping
Going on holiday doesn’t need to be off limits because you have #HeartFailure. Here are five simple steps to help you to be well prepared for travelling.

Five tips for travelling with heart failure
Have you seen our Clock Heart sculpture? Join us on our journey to raise #HeartFailure awareness.

Raising heart failure awareness with our Clock Heart
Loving your heart can be as simple as eating better or getting more exercise. Learn additional tips to #KeepItPumping

Heart Failure Management | Keep It Pumping
Breathlessness is a common symptom of heart failure, but there are ways that you can help relieve it. Have a read of this article on the #KeepItPumping website.

Why do I get breathless with heart failure?
"At first I thought the fatigue was due to work." - Oberdan. Living with #HeartFailure #KeepItPumping
In need of some winter sun? Check out the #KeepItPumping top five tips for travelling with #HeartFailure.

Five tips for travelling with heart failure
"I thought I wouldn’t be able to live with this disease ... but I just keep moving forward" - Zenaida #KeepItPumping
If you have heart failure, or care for someone that does, joining a patient group can help you feel supported. Read more about iHHub and find a local patient group.

Our friends at iHHub - Uniting against heart failure
In need of some quality shut-eye, but often kept awake by the symptoms of #HeartFailure? You’re not alone – here’s what you need to know in our #KeepItPumping spotlight on sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep with heart failure