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Keith Urban
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"Gone Tomorrow, Here Today" is the first track on 'RIPCORD' and sets the tone for the whole album.

Check out Wide Open Country's article about the song below!
Gone Tomorrow Here Today is the first track on RIPCORD and sets

Keith Urban Talks Creative Process Behind 'Gone Tomorrow, Here Today'
Maria Angela Filippin-De Min
Jo-Ann Gelfuso
Marlene Jordan
Keith Urban
Keith Urban
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Get in the carefree mindset with "Worry 'Bout Nothin'"! Stream it here:
Get in the carefree mindset with "Worry 'Bout Nothin'" Stream it here: smarturlitWBNstream
Kimberly Holmes Thurman
Patty Rakes
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Keith Urban
Keith Urban
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One Country talks "Gettin' In The Way", a streamy track you might have missed on 'RIPCORD' + a giveaway! Check out the article below.

Download "Gettin' In The Way":
One Country talks Gettin In The Way a streamy track you might

[Listen] Keith Urban's 'RIPCORD' Is Deeper Than All Those No. 1 Singles
Hazel Brown Smith
Jo-Ann Gelfuso
Samantha Davenport
Keith Urban
Keith Urban
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"I'm a child of a backseat freedom, baptized by rock and roll
Marilyn Monroe and the Garden of Eden, never grow up, never grow old..."

Watch the music video for "John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16" now!
"I'm a child of a backseat freedom baptized by rock and roll

John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 - Keith Urban

I'm watching John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 by Keith Urban

Ann Marie
Kim Akins
Marilyn Millman
Keith Urban
Keith Urban
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Robin Wilkshire Tanguay
Patty Rakes
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Keith Urban
Keith Urban
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Sounds Like Nashville explores Keith's motivation for putting "Habit of You" on 'RIPCORD' below!

Stream the track here:
Sounds Like Nashville explores Keiths motivation for putting Habit of You on

Keith Urban Reveals Inspiration Behind β€˜Habit of You’ + WIN a Signed 'Ripcord' Vinyl
Mike Cope
Patty Rakes
Lisa Procella
Keith Urban
Keith Urban
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RIPCORD's birthday is fast approaching! To celebrate we'll be featuring a song from the album every day for the next two weeks!!

Tell us your favorite song from this chart topping album in the comments below.

Download "RIPCORD" here:
Traci Proffitt
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Listen to the songs, past and present, that influence Keith on β€œSounds Like Keith” only on Pandora.
You might be surprised by what you hear. #SoundsLikeYou
Karen Patricia
Dorothy Doucet Fraser
Lauren Ivey
Did you catch Keith's performance of The Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody" last night during the GRAMMY Salute?

Watch Keith talk about the lasting impression The Bee Gees have left on the world of music in the video below.
Did you catch Keiths performance of The Bee Gees To Love Somebody

Country Star Keith Urban Explains Why The Bee Gees Sound Transcends Generations

Country Star Keith Urban, who will cover "To Love Somebody" at Stayin' Alive: A GRAMMY Salute To The Music Of The Bee Gees, pauses to reflect on the lasting ...

Robin Fincher
Darlene C. Deecher
Gail Connolly Goble
12th & Porter
Nashville, TN
April 13, 2017
12th  Porter
Nashville TN
April 13 2017
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Nothin' like the Grand Ole Opry on a Tuesday night!!!!
Nothin' like the Grand Ole Opry on a Tuesday night
Kim Akins
Jennifer Cortes
Denise Gilson
Who's coming to the Grand Ole Opry tonight to celebrate!!!
Janice Weekley
Tammy Fields Morrison
Kim Akins
THIS JUST IN: Keith has been nominated for the Billboard Music Awards Top Country Artist, Top Country Album and Top Country Song! Be sure to watch the show, May 21 on ABC!
THIS JUST IN Keith has been nominated for the Billboard Music Awards
Christine Myers Payne
Mary Curtis
Judy Hill
"I'm here to remind you, you're my only one, let me be the one..." #TheFighter
"I'm here to remind you you're my only one let me be the one" TheFighter

The Fighter (Dancers Version) - Keith Urban
KathyandDon Loffredo
Kim Berringer
Amanda Parks Finn
Washington, D.C.
GRAMMYs on The Hill
April 5, 2017
Tammy Bowman-Bunning
Charie Lynn McAuliffe
Debbie Yano
Have you seen the Dancers Version of "The Fighter" music video? We want to see your take on it!

Submit a dance video below to win a trip to Nashville for the CMT Awards!
Have you seen the Dancers Version of The Fighter music video We

Keith Urban "The Fighter"
Cari Turecki
Libby Jett
Anne Marie Varall
We're releasing a special edited version of "The Fighter" music video with just the dancers! Keith explains how this video came about below.

And watch "The Fighter" (Dancers Version) here:
Gail Straus
Cheryl Botham
Renee DeLeon Wachtor
Headed to the #ACMawards!!! It's going to be an incredible show!!
Lisa Tortorella
Lisa Brown Wicik
Audrey Ku
When my daughters do this......I've ALREADY WON!!!! - KU #ACMawards
When my daughters do thisI've ALREADY WON KU ACMawards
Brenda Thelen
Nancy Wright Craton
Robyn Dear
So proud of you baby !!!!!! - KU
Diane Morgan
Laura Laws
Buthayna Taha