There will be a road closure for Tamaki drive until 10:30am tomorrow, the 26th of March due to the Panasonic People's Triathlon. We be opening as normal at 9:30am but with no access to our car park until after the road is open.

Please also note that our FREE Shark Shuttle bus' first departure from the city will now be at 11am and will then run as normal for the rest of the day.
Nothing better than seeing smiles faces in our Amazing Creations zone, it is even more special when they are our special friends from Ronald McDonald House!
Happy International Women's Day
We have incredible women working at Kelly Tarlton's, working in the attraction and behind the scenes - just like Katie! Katie is one of our aquarists and ensures our creatures are happy and healthy. Today Katie had the very cool job of hand feeding our fish..and the cheeky rescue turtles!
Due to Round the Bays tomorrow, Sunday March 5th, Tamaki Drive is closed until 12.30pm. Our Shark Bus will be in action from 1.20pm onwards. Follow this link for some GREAT offers!
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Kelly Tarlton
A huge THANK YOU to our 140 friends, who cleaned up both Okahu Bay and Mission Bay beaches this morning! This has been our biggest beach clean yet! Check out the results below!
#5 on our list... Straws! Plastic straws are one of the easiest plastic items to give up because you don't need to buy a reusable replacement! If you wish to drink through a straw making an investment in a stainless steel one is the most environmentally friendly option.
#4! Choosing items with less plastic packaging hugely contributes to the protection of New Zealand's beautiful coastline. Single use plastic packaging can, unfortunately, be found on all our beaches and in rock pools!
#3 A reusable Travel Mug is a simple but effective way to reduce the amount of single-use products in your everyday life. Use your travel mug in our cafe this Sea Week for $2 hot drinks!
Top Tip #2! Use a refillable water bottle rather than buying one-use plastic bottles. Did you know that worldwide approximately 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day! That is a HUGE amount of waste.
#1 To reduce the amount of plastic bags in circulation, Bring a reusable bag when you shop! For all of Seaweek 2017, you can swap your single use plastic bag with an eco-friendly reusable bag at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's Gift shop. (some T&Cs apply, but not many!)
This Seaweek - 25th February to 5th March, SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's celebrate Healthy Seas, Healthy People! Discover the small everyday changes that make a HUGE difference. Follow our top tips each day and help make some big changes!
The view from our cafe usually includes the Skytower! Escape today's miserable weather with a visit to our underwater world. The perfect rainy day out!
Today we celebrate Charles Darwin!
Charles Darwin was an English naturalist and geologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution.

'The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man'
Charles Darwin.
Have you experienced Amazing Creations? Create, Scan and Discover your living ocean this weekend!
We were lucky enough to host Sidharth Malhotra, at Kelly Tarlton's last year. Our beautiful penguins made him feel very welcome during his visit! Check out the highlights from Sidharth's visit to Kelly Tarlton's and New Zealand below! #SidNZ
Congratulations Karl and Bethany on your wonderful engagement! We were so happy to be apart of your special day and wish you all the best!! From the Kelly Tarlton's team :)
Today just happens to be World Penguin Awareness Day, and we were lucky enough to capture one of this season's new Gentoo chicks, Percy, experiencing water for the very first time! The recently fledged chicks are very soon to be released into the enclosure and can't wait to join the rest of the colony swimming in the pool.
Can you see the difference in the picture below?

The Great Barrier Reef is known for it's incredible colours and huge diversity of marine life! But right now, it is facing it's biggest challenge yet...Coral Bleaching! Find out what you can do to help here: [ Link ]
Coral reefs are home to animals with amazing adaptations! Help save these incredible environments by clicking the link below! [ Link ]