On this day, 414 years ago, Queen Elizabeth I died at Richmond Palace in Surrey. See my next book, A Column of Fire, in September for details.
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Ken Follett (official)
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Dismantling my picture board for A Column of Fire. Must think of a new story soon...
A quick drink: My publishers from 27 countries are coming to my house this evening to drink a toast to A Column of Fire and the return to Kingsbridge
A new career? I'm the voice of the Cantor in Daedalic Entertainment's video game of The Pillars of the Earth
Ordering a new suit for my book tour from Chris at Richard James in Savile Row.
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Here they are -- the proofs of A Column of Fire, my final chance to make corrections.
I’m often asked for advice on how to become an author, or write a novel. On my website, you can find lots of helpful tips from starting out to finding a publisher. [ Ken-follett.com Link ]

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Is this a clue to the subject of a new book? No one knows, not even me.
Wishing a happy 225th birthday to WHSmith, thank you for bringing my books to readers all over the world!
Finished my copy-edit review, celebrated at the beach bar...
On this day, 430 years ago Mary Queen of Scots had her head chopped off. For details see my next book A Column of Fire in September.
Reviewing US and UK copy-editors' A Column of Fire corrections --a chore, but they save me and other authors from many embarrassing errors.
I've been there, I thought when I saw Jackie K's bedroom; but I haven't, of course, just studied pictures for Edge of Eternity.

Jackie Film
A good vintage? Txomin Rekondo found a 1949 wine in his world famous cellar. (I was born in 1949).
Lourdes Rekondo likes my books --and I love her restaurant.
Un petit bijou--the Imperial Chapel in Biarritz.
Classy cover for the Danish translation of "A Column of Fire". Mange tak!