Kenneth Sebastian
03/26/2017 at 15:37. Facebook
CHANDIGARH!!! My last show of "Don't be that guy" is on April 1st !

Tickets are out : [ Link ]

Kenny Sebastian : Don't be that guy, Chandigarh
Kenneth Sebastian
03/24/2017 at 17:47. Facebook
Thank you to all the people who made customised "YouTube Gangsters" signs and held it up in the audience while we performed our song!

We wrote it specifically for #YTFF !

Also we do everything in a gangster way now.

Hola to @abishmathew & @tanmaybhat , the true gangsters!

Thank you to all the amazing people who follow my work and start fan clubs on Instagram.

What I really appreciate is you guys taking so much effort to maintain these accounts and not just reupload my photos but go as far as make memes, push my live shows, wish me luck for my shows and also interact with other folks who also like my work and bring them together.

It's more than I could ever...
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PUNE! One of the last shows before I am done touring! Getting to perform with a fantastic line up at The Pune Comedy Festival!

Watch comics like Urooj Ashfaq,Kamal Trilok Singh, Jeeya Seethi, Sonali Thakkar, Gaurav Kapoor, Kautuk Srivastava, Sumukhi Suresh, Neville Shah, Naveen Richard and Atul Khatri.

That is just the first day! I will be on from 9:15 to 10pm on March 31st.

Second day...
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The Pune Comedy Festival Lite
When you try really hard to say something but your friend keeps talking.

(Snapchat @KnowKenny)
β€ͺHEY GUYS! I would love to meet you guys at #YTFF. Fill out this form [ Link ] & I hope I see you at the meet & great :) ‬
Thank you so much ScoopWhoop for this article that took me by surprise :) Not had people write something about my singing before!

This Amazing Video Of Kenny Singing β€˜Shaam’ Proves He’s As Good A Singer As He Is A Comedian
It was an absolute honour to direct my good friend Naveen Richards stand up special "Don't make that face".

I had a great team at OnlyMuch Louder that made directing so effortless!

It's on Amazon Prime Video India right now! Watch it!!!

Click here for the direct link: [ Link ]
Such cool artwork at the #IronFist sneak peak today! Kanan Gill,Naveen Richard and I trying to image how even more epic Defenders will be!

Out on March 17th only on Netflix!
β€ͺChai time tickets are out now! Would love you to be part of my live show :) Tomorrow at 8pm Cuckoo Club in Bandra!

[ Link ]
Thank you Scroll for the #DosaLove! So glad you guys shared it :)

Super happy! So glad with the response to this video!

Watch: 'Dosa brought peace in South India'. And it took no offence at this stand-up comedian's jibes
Thank you BuzzFeed India for this awesome montage of my jokes! Interesting picks! (especially the chai time ones!)

Watch and share if you like them!
Super excited to perform tomorrow at The Royal House!

Its one of the most important nights of my tour :) People who have booked the tickets important announcement :

Box office opens at 3pm for the 5pm show and WILL CLOSE by 4:30. Since we are filming for Amazon, the camera set up requires doors to be closed. Entry will not be allowed.

Similarly 8pm show box office opens at 6pm and gates...
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Thank you for the wonderful response for my latest stand up clip! Half a million views in a day!

Kinda overestimated how literally people take what I say. My social media is flooded with Dosa and Chai now.
Might get punched in the face if I am caught consuming anything else in public.

[ Link ]

#standupcomedy #DosaLove #YouTubeIndia
It's finally here! I have always wanted to be a guest on Son of Abish and it's finally come true! Not only
That, I was lucky enough to share the stage with the amazing Radhika Apte.

Still can't get over the feeling of sitting on that couch and being part of such a lovely show!

Watch watch now! #SonOfAbish
NEW STAND UP VIDEO IS HERE! In my latest clip, I talk about why "THE DOSA" is the most amazing creation on planet earth and why it should be given the respect it deserves!

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BRAND NEW STAND UP VIDEO OUT! In my latest stand up clip I do a tribute to the amazing "Dosa".

[ Link ]

A gift sent from the universe. If you liked it, Please share and subscribe!

Let the Dosa movement begin!

*Holds flag made of Dosa High Above*
IT WAS A SUPER FUN EPISODE OF SON OF ABISH! Can't wait to see this on Friday!

Was a pleasure and honour to share stage with Radhika Apte :)

Thank you Abish Mathew for having me as a guest on #SonOfAbish !
MUMBAI! Announcing a surprise SECRET SET of "Don't be that guy"!
Only 100 tickets. MARCH 1st! 4:45pm! Summer House Cafe Mumbai!

An intimate show for a select few! First come first serve!

[ Link ]
Thank you for the love Hyderabad! Thank you for the heart warming gifts too!

I keep all of the gifts from every city safe in my room :)