Kenneth Sebastian
Kenneth Sebastian
06/22/2017 at 06:35. Facebook
Thank you Graphicurry - Art by Prasad Bhat for the lovely art work referencing to my special!

Thank you Graphicurry Art by Prasad Bhat for the lovely art work
Graphicurry - Art by Prasad Bhat
Lopa Patnaik
Shelka Jaiswal
Kenneth Sebastian
Kenneth Sebastian
06/19/2017 at 22:47. Facebook

An amazing cover of Daft Punk's Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger :)

Also my love for a live orchestra overrides any logical comparison I have for other covers.
NOW THIS IS HOW YOU DO A COVER An amazing cover of

Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld : Daft Punk - "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"

Seit Februar bringt das einzig wahre Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld den Funk in den Rundfunk. Woche fΓΌr Woche liefern die 15 Ausnahmemusiker einen anderen ...

Payal Chatterjee
Sulagna Das
Muan Kim Tawmging
Kenneth Sebastian
Kenneth Sebastian
06/18/2017 at 04:28. Facebook
So the lovely folks from She The People Tv interviewed me about my latest #ChaiTime video about the female purse.

Really interesting questions and a more in depth look at why I do the #ChaiTime show.
So the lovely folks from She The People Tv interviewed me about

Kenny Sebastian On How Feminist Comedy Can Break Taboos
Vilashini Manivannan
Nikita Naidu
Suman Sajnani
Hey guys! Our awesome #BreezerVivid adventure to Vegas is out right now! Abish Mathew and I did the unconventional when we went to Vegas, Instead of the lights and casinos, We went extreme!

#BreezerVivid #LiveLifeInColour
Megha Pillai
Neharika Sharma
Vrinda Goel
SINGAPORE! Added a second show on August 17th! Get them now : [ Link ]
SINGAPORE Added a second show on August 17th Get them now :

Kenny Sebastian Live
Kinjal Kapadia
Pooja Rajan
Bhanvi Lingwal
Check out this really cool list of my jokes on BuzzFeed India from my latest stand up special 'Don't be that guy' on Amazon Prime Video India!

Thanks to Shayan Roy for the love!

Watch the full special here : [ Link ]
Check out this really cool list of my jokes on BuzzFeed India

9 Kenny Sebastian Jokes That'll Make Every Indian Dude Go "LMAO SAME BRO SAME"
Disha Trivedi
Saksham Rewari
Yang Den
I can't BELIEVE I haven't seen this before! This is so funny! What a great script and amazing performances :)

Mallika Dua & Shristi Shrivastava are so good!! Girliyapa I am going to binge watch everything!!!

Ps. Finally watching more videos since I am on a vacation!
Tanweer Masrath
Pooja Maharana
Sandeep Bhagwath
Here's a sneak peak into what went down in #Vegas Abish Mathew and I had some great fun in Sin City for #BreezerVivid! #LiveLifeInColour
Iqra Akhtar
Mayank Arora
SanjAna Nair
Why you shouldn't travel with Naveen and I on a road trip.

We get very annoying.

#RoadTrippin #LoudestCoPassengers #PleaseWearSeatBeltAndEarPlugs
Kenny Sebastian
Abhishek Dubey
Apurva Mantri
I AM IN MIAMI! Thanks to #BreezerVivid, It was an amazing experience to try my hand at Surfing! Super hard but thankfully the water was nice and warm :)


#BreathSlowlyAsYouDrown #SurfsUpDude #WetSuitAndChuddiStillWet
Ayush Thapliyal
BhArti SaiNi
Anita Tudu
Damn, this was such an amazing Road Trip with Abish Mathew , from San Francisco to Vegas! Watch our #BreezerVivid Road Trip #LiveLifeInColour
Aditi Arun Kulkarni
Jeevan Hari
Himani Bahar
Hey guys! So excited to announce our first episode of #BreezerVivid coming out soon!
Mousumi Ray
Zabiullah Khan
Richa Madhwal
Thank you ScoopWhoop for sharing my video!

If you haven't sent my latest #ChaiTime video yet, please do!
Thank you ScoopWhoop for sharing my video

Kenny’s New Comic Act About Why Men Are Scared Of Ladies’ Handbags Is So Relatable, It Hurts
Rahul Ramachandran
Rrenu Robin Bisht
Yash Upadhyay
CHAI TIME 6 IS OUT! Check out the full episode
On YouTube right now : [ Link ]

#MysteryOfTheFemalePurse #ChaiTimeIsTheBestTime #KakaMaleWallet
Osvita Soares
Saumya Singh
Pavithra Senthilkumar
THE LATEST CHAI TIME IS OUT! This time I talk about the mystery of the female purse! From the fear of what is inside to the futile effort of trying to understand it, I go into the depths of the magical bag that women carry!

If you like it, Please like, share and subscribe!

[ Link ]
THE LATEST CHAI TIME IS OUT This time I talk about the
Rashmi Priya
Deeksha Goyal
Harshita Tiwari
CHAI TIME IS BACK! In the 6th Edition of #ChaiTime I talk about the confusion men face while dealing with women's bags/purses and also our limited understanding of it!

If you like it please like and share!
Ashvi Kanoi
Lynette Gonsalves
Arpitha Bvl
One of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

Coming soon on #BreezerVivid.

Las Vegas was memorable majorly cause of this.

#jumpingoffaplane #HeartRacing #FirstTimeLandedWithoutThePlane
Vaibhav Sharma
Vishrut Chhajer
Shambhavi Nick
When you constantly travel half awake, I enter these 'dream states' where everything feels a bit unreal.

Senses get slightly slower and number, almost like I am floating underwater.

Also lack of sleep makes you take picture of yourself and write seemingly long sentences when all I should have written was...


.... but that's not deep enough...
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When you constantly travel half awake I enter these dream states where
Harshita Tewani
Pravibha Nair
Vridhi Kasliwal
A small thank you for making 'Don't Be That Guy' trend on Amazon Prime Video India at #1 for weeks!

It was super fun and humbling to go to the houses of the people who enjoyed it and let them know personally how much that means to me!

Hope I have your continued support with my work and thank you for all the blessings, daily dose of love and laughs from you guys!

If you guys haven't seen my...
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Sulagna Das
Rohini Mitra
Janki Joshi
I had a SUPER awesome time doing Books On Toast with Sharin and Anuya!

It's a 54 min video podcast! So watch it if you want to spend an hour of your life and don't feel too guilty about laughing at silly jokes about books, self help and flowers!

[ Link ]
I had a SUPER awesome time doing Books On Toast with Sharin and Anuya

BoTCast Episode 15 feat. Kenneth Sebastian - Self Help Books - YouTube

Sri Sri Sir Sri Sri Sri Kenneth Sebastian join Anuya Jakatdar and Sharin Bhatti to impart his wisdom on self-help books. Knock yourself out with this rando...

Rohini Mitra
Roopa Saxena
Shweta Shaju