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Here is a story: Had a fantastic time performing at Xaviers college Kolkata. I finish the show and meet as many people as I humanly can. We head towards the car parked outside.

After we leave the college, the driver hands us a note.

He says" A couple of girls asked me if I was the one who picked you from the airport. I said yes, so they asked me to give you this."

Thank you Soma, Jesna,...
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Met a follower of my work after my fun show at Nirma College in Ahmedabad.

Either he really likes my work or has no idea what I do.
Mumbai! The 6th Chai Time is here! Get your tickets now : [ Link ]
All you riders! I am performing at Riders Music Festival in Delhi on Feb 19th! Get your tickets now at !
Had an awesome time performing at the Las Vieges Club organised by the lovely Vieges family themselves!

Thank you for pampering me! It was a blast to perform in Goa to a 450 packed audience & hopefully the comedy scene in Goa grows exponentially!

#ThankYouGoa #SeaFoodFest #ViegesFamilyLove
Mumbai! Tickets for my Amazon Special Live Taping on March 12th are out today at 12pm sharp!

Tickets out now - [ Link ]

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Thank you so much LSR (Delhi) for having me! Your energy and love won't be forgotten :) Mumbai Amazon Special on March 12th, Tickets out in two days (Feb 7th). #AmazonPrimeSpecial #MumbaiTickets #LSRCollegeLove
Look at the swag dog, Swag Dog,
He has so much swag he doesn't give a shit.
Swag dog.

Met this awesome fellow "on duty" outside our hotel!
From my Snapchat Profile: @ KnowKenny
#MuttsOnDuty #SniffingOutTrouble #SwagWag
Yeh Biswa aur Mein, Aksar yeh batain karte rehteh hai...Aagar tum hote to kya Hota....

Biswa Kalyan Rath

#ComedyDost #DiscussingHumour #BiswaFindsHisPhoneMoreInterestingThanMe
After an awesome show at Pune, MUMBAI HERE I COME!

TICKETS WILL BE OUT on Feb 7th (Tuesday) for my Mumbai Amazon Stand Up Special ON MARCH 12th Only on and!

#AmazonPrimeSpecial #TheBigOne #MumbaiTickets
SUCH COOL FANART! Thank you @thedebapriyakar !!! I love it! Thanks for getting inspired from my videos and making it :)

#LoveGoodGraphicDesign #SoCoolMacha #Art

Thank you for buying the tickets for my latest special #DontBeThatGuy the moment I released it! The energy the 1200 of you had through out the show was insane!

Thank you for making it so memorable!

#GoodToBeBackInChennai #DontBeThatGuy #StandUpSpecial
Thank you ScoopWhoop for sharing my video about Exams!

Good luck to everyone going through exams now!

Ps. Supriyo Mukherjee thanks for the kind words.

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CBSE, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Exams - This Comedian Will Remind You Of All Your School Problems
Trying to get laid.

With the mallu legend @jaisonpadacheril
#RealiJason #Kochi #BachelorPad
Thank you Youtube team for sending me the Pixel XL!

It is awesome just the support you give us through your platform and things like this just make it a heavenly experience!

#GooglePhone #ILikeBigPhonesAndICantLie #ThankYou
Machas, I am coming to your city!

I have had the privilege of travelling to so many cities and colleges, I can't wait to do all these shows!

Thank you for the love and support guys! I listen to every request you make and try our best to make we come to your city!

Let's do this :)
The BRAND NEW CHAI TIME video is out! This time I talk about the most essentials things found in every kitchen in India!

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The sweet folks at Storypick have shared the latest Chai Time video! If you haven't seen it already please do!

This Hilarious Video Of Kenny Sebastian Explaining Indian Kitchen Scenes Is Relatable AF!
The latest CHAI TIME VIDEO IS HERE! In this video, I talk & dissect the most common things we find in our kitchen that we almost grew up with! From making rotis, to washing plates to the legendary lighter. In this Chai time, I cover THE ESSENTIALS!

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