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A lot of people have been asking for a one hour long stand up comedy show. Well it's finally happening. Many times when I post thank you messages after I perform in colleges I get 100s of messages asking "why don't you post this on YouTube?".

Well, it's because I am performing the same jokes in all these shows. Well not exactly the same, I am refining the same jokes.

Stand up comedy takes...
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Amazon Video Has Signed 14 Top Indian Stand-up Comics, Promises Zero Censorship
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THANK YOU BANGALORE! I thought we sold Delhi fast and you broke the record!
A 1000 tickets in 6 hours! Thank you for the love! We have added a 4pm show :) Hope to see you guys on Feb 25.


Insider: [ Link ]

#DontBeThatGuy #NammaLove #BangaloreSpecial
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You guys kept requesting it so here it is!
Follow me on snapchat (Username: KnowKenny ) for daily random entertainment and juicy inside industry news. (Maybe not).

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After all the love from Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Dubai, I am coming to the rest!

Tickets for all the shows are here : [ Link ]

Or on my website [ Link ]

Individual Links:

Kochi: [ Link ]

Chennai: [ Link ]

Bangalore: [ Link ]

Hyderabad: [ Link ]

Kolkata: [ Link ]

Guwahati: [...
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A chilling article about the myths of internet fame,fan negativity & how much money Youtuber's around the world make.

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You Can Have Millions Of Subscribers On YouTubeβ€”And Still Be Flat Broke
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From beating Abish in a car race to my belly dancing moves, Dubai was fun and punny. Check it out. #BreezerVivid #Bucketlist #Dubai #SquadForLife
I always thought London would be the most amazing place I would ever visit but from watching my recent vlog, you will realise...not so much!
When you are pretending to listen but going over your own answers so you don't sound stupid.

Also I really like this photo and I think I look nice in this and wanted to put this on my instagram even though that is super vain.

#Yeah #ThisIsHappening #HmmOkay
THE NEW CHAI TIME IS HERE! Get your tickets on !

Tickets sell out soon, Only 80 seats :)

Let's chill and have chai together!

Ticket Link: [ Link ]

#ChaiTimeIsTheBestTime #LiveShow #Recording
Want to see some brand new comedy acts at our experimental open mic? Get your tickets for Alt Mic tomo at 8pm in Bandra! Abish Mathew Live & I will be out of town so the lovely Rahul Subramanian will be hosting this Alt Mic!

[ Link ]

Alt Mic #13 Jokes in Pre-Alpha
Hey guys! Check out my latest video! It's a vlog about my trip to London!

I talk about how the Big Ben isn't that amazing and why we are still easily impressed when we travel abroad!

The wonderful folks at Warwick university made it happen :)
[ Link ]
Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Especially you @kennysebarmy ! Your testimonials and messages made my birthday extra special!

#HappyNewYear #31stDec #OverWhelmed
Thank you Storypick for the sweet gesture of releasing this on my birthday :) Thank you for all the support as you shared my videos to your super large audience! Cheers to the new year!

13 Rib-Tickling Punches By Kenny Sebastian That Make Him Our Favourite Comedian Of The Year
Meeting college peeps after almost 2 years :) VIDYA YOU LEFT BEFORE WE COULD TAKE A PHOTO!

#CkpMachas&Machis #TheCircle #WhiteRoom
Thank you StageCulture for featuring my video! I just found this article :) Really appreciate all the help in pushing my video out to more people!

[ Link ]

The Top 10 Comedy Videos Of 2016! Get set to LOL! | StageCulture
IT'S CHAI TIME! The latest Chai Time video is here! This time I guide you through the art of painting and also reveal how I am colour blind! If you guys enjoy it, Please like and share!

#ChaiTimeIsTheBestTime #ColourBlindPainter #GuideToPainting
The latest Chai Time is here! This time I guide you through painting (while also being colour blind)!

It was super fun painting in front of a live audience (hence the tatti painting), Hope you guys like it

If you do please, like and share!

#ChaiTimeIsTheBestTime #ColourBlindUnite #ContemporaryArt

[ Link ]

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Being a Colour Blind Painter.

Unlike his stand up, Chai time is a live vlog show where Kenny sits down with a cup of tea with an intimate audience and has a casual conversation about the ...

Going for Star Wars Rogue One!
In the 25 years I have been Christian, I have never worn a Santa hat. Times of India Jaipur made me do it! Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope this picture of me awkwardly smiling holding a guitar pretending to play it while being all festive in front of a dead tree makes you smile!

#GoEatSomePlum #DidDecorateThat40FeetTree #MorningMassCheck