“If you throw a fastball out of rage and it knocks somebody’s eye out, you’ve likely made an enemy for life.”

Ranking Kenny Powers' 8 Most Formidable Rivals

Happy 420. (Or if you're like Kenny, Happy Every Day.)
Give the gift of champions.

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Even depraved losers like Stevie deserve a little sympathy now and then.

Ranking Stevie's 9 Most Tragic Moments On 'Eastbound & Down'

When you think Kenny Powers, you should think America.
Here's why.

10 Reasons Kenny Powers Is An American Hero

Sometimes you just have to take the KP approach and tell it like it is.

6 Kenny Powers Quotes For When You Gotta Drop A Truth Bomb

Kick ass advice for your Wednesday (whether you take it or not).

8 Kenny Powers Lines For When You Gotta Be Your Ultimate Self

You wish you were spending tomorrow with Kenny F**king Powers.

6 Reasons Thanksgiving With Kenny Powers Would Be The Best Night Ever

UPROXX celebrates the great Kenny F*cking Powers.

9 Kenny Powers Quotes That Will Help You Make An Entrance

Work hard, play hard. Happy Labor Day
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We all need someone to look up to.

Vice Principals with Danny McBride and Walton Goggins premieres July 17 on HBO.
Danny McBride returns to HBO this July in Vice Principals.
Gifts are tools to get what you want.

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