Ketel One
01/13/2017. Facebook
Imperfections? Not on our watch. #theketeloneway
Ketel One
01/12/2017. Facebook
The secret to a good cocktail? It's all about the base. #ketelonevodka #theketeloneway World Class
Ketel One
01/11/2017. Facebook
Make the Flower Power Ketel the cherry on top of any occasion. Link to recipe: [ Link ] #ketelonevodka #theketeloneway

Ketel One Vodka Drinks & Cocktails | Vodka Recipes - Ketel One
Ketel One
01/10/2017. Facebook
Spoilt for choice. #theketeloneway
Ketel One
01/09/2017. Facebook
#KetelOne has been crowned Best Selling Vodka* and Most Trending Vodka*. We don't have a speech prepared, but we'll be celebrating with an Espresso Martini, made with the perfect base of Ketel One (as recommended by bartenders). *Drinks International Bar Report 2017. #theketeloneway
Ketel One
01/06/2017. Facebook
From coal to ice. Every step of the #KetelOne journey matters. That's why, aside from the Nolet family, Jacky and Pieter are two of very few people who are entrusted to stoke the original Pot Still No. 1. #theketeloneway
Ketel One
01/04/2017. Facebook
Dedication to the last drop. For the perfect #DutchMule, don’t forget the bitters. #theketeloneway
Ketel One
01/02/2017. Facebook
When life gave us lemons, we turned them into Ketel One Citroen. (It's amazing with soda.) #KetelOne #theketeloneway #vodka
Ketel One
01/01/2017. Facebook
A deconstructed Bloody Mary missing one vital ingredient... Here's how to reassemble the right way: [ Link ]
#nationalbloodymaryday #theketeloneway
Ketel One
12/31/2016. Facebook
Our New Year’s Resolution? Enjoy the finer things in life. Proost! #KetelOne #theketeloneway #vodka #newyear
Ketel One
12/30/2016. Facebook
There are many ways to make a Bloody Mary. What's your favourite recipe? #KetelOne #theketeloneway #vodka
Ketel One
12/29/2016. Facebook
Want to see where the magic happens? Sign up for a distillery tour: [ Link ] #KetelOne #theketeloneway #vodka
Ketel One
12/27/2016. Facebook
Best brunch foods to pair with your Bloody Mary...
Because even Beyoncé needs back-up dancers. Bonus: follow the link to check out our recipes for a selection of Marys with a difference. [ Link ]
Ketel One
12/24/2016. Facebook
Ketel One Vodka | Hot Spiced Apple Cider

We'll take our cider with a Citroen twist. Best enjoyed next to a roaring fire – check out the full recipe. #theketeloneway #ketelone #vodka

Hot Spiced Apple Cider Recipe | Ketel One Vodka
Ketel One
12/22/2016. Facebook
The distillery lookout. #KetelOne #theketeloneway #vodka
Ketel One
12/20/2016. Facebook
Ketel One Vodka | Candy Cane Cocktail

Subtlety is so last season. Get your Ketel One dressed up for the party season with this candy cane infusion and cocktail recipe. Watch our video to find out how to put those holiday leftovers to good use. #Tistheseason #recipeoftheday #KetelOne #vodka
Ketel One
12/19/2016. Facebook
What goes into mastering the most recommended vodka? We chalk it up to experience. #theketeloneway
Ketel One
12/15/2016. Facebook
That signature tingle in action. #theketeloneway
Ketel One
12/14/2016. Facebook
There's nothing quite like a frosty Schiedam sunset. #theketeloneway
Ketel One
12/13/2016. Facebook
’Tis the season for festive entertaining. The secret to a perfect Espresso Martini? Quality: start from the grounds up. Check out our video for a step-by-step guide.

#KetelOne #theketeloneway #vodka