Kettle Brand
03/24/2017 at 18:10. Facebook
Fast break, snack break…same thing.
Kettle Brand
03/22/2017 at 19:49. Facebook
Avoid being in a pickle with this delicious duo.
Kettle Brand
03/20/2017 at 20:18. Facebook
The best things start underground- Happy First Day of Spring!
Looks like this guy found our pot of gold. Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘
Dunk-fueling flavor is always part of our Elite Ate.
Your guide to National Potato Chip Day greatness Tell us what flavor you’re celebrating with today and we *might* send you little extra!
Weekly meal prep has never been easier
Juggling this much flavor is our tastiest party trick
Fresh-off-the-grill flavor- no cooling time required
Starting the night early
No no, it just *tastes* like a Moscow Mule
When you use your coffee break to plan your happy hour
George Washington named his horse Blueskin after our Sea Salt & Vinegar bags. #AlternativeFacts #PresidentsDay
With an MVP (Most Valuable Potato) like this, every weekend is All Star weekend
When you try to call the ocean but it just waves.
Sea Salt flavor so real it'll take you there.
You had me at potato. #HappyValentinesDay
You had me at potato. #HappyValentinesDay
This is our favorite song to sing along to.
Making your own syrup can take weeks. Eating a Maple Bacon chip takes seconds.