Kevin O'Leary
03/26/2017 at 22:15. Facebook
‪Want to vote? Time is running out! Less than 72 hours to get a membership so you can choose the next CPC leader. [ Link ]
Kevin O'Leary
03/26/2017 at 19:03. Facebook
‪Cue the "Final Countdown" track. 3 days left to get your membership if you want to vote for the next CPC leader! [ Link ]
Kevin O'Leary
03/25/2017 at 11:52. Facebook
‪4 days to go. If you don't have a CPC membership you're running out to get one in time to vote! [ Link ]
Kevin O'Leary
03/24/2017 at 20:42. Facebook
Had the privilege of meeting the Hon. John Crosbie this week. A Newfoundland legend! It was a pleasure to speak with you, John.
Kevin O'Leary
03/24/2017 at 15:10. Facebook
A supporter sent me a photo of her daughter's homework... It's scary when even the kids are noticing how much of taxpayers' money Trudeau is wasting!
Kevin O'Leary
03/24/2017 at 13:49. Facebook
Time is running out! 5 days left to buy a CPC membership so you can vote & help decide who faces Trudeau in 2019 . [ Link ]
It's heating up out here on the campaign trail...time for the O'Leary For Canada soundtrack! [ Link ]

O'Leary for Canada, a playlist by kevinolearyforcanada on Spotify
6 days left to get your #CPC membership so you can vote in May! If you already have yours, I urge you to convince just one friend to do the same. The next few days are critical to beating Justin Trudeau in 2019! [ Link ]
Moments ago campaigning live on George Street best Cod in the world!
Trudeau is great at acting like a politician. He does have a background in drama after all! This is why we must elect a Conservative Party Leader who can beat him. We aren't talking about community theatre. This is an entire country of people who should be able to trust the gov with their money! Please make sure you have a CPC membership & tell your friends to do the same. I'm undoing all of...
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Great people, great questions, and great beer here at Upstreet Craft Brewing in PEI. Thanks to everyone who came out to talk!
Regardless of who you vote for it's always in your best interest to have your voice heard!
‪Only 7 days left to get a CPC Membership so you can vote. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your enemies! [ Link ]
It was great to meet so many people in Moncton this afternoon! Looking forwarded to visiting Saint John, NB tonight. See you there!
‪8 days left to get a CPC membership so you can vote. If you have yours, convince just ONE friend to do the same! [ Link ]
Brad's back and he's here to tell you that you only have 9 days left to buy your Conservative Party membership so that you can vote in May! Tell your friends and tell your family. It's the only way I can secure Conservative Leadership and beat Justin Trudeau in 2019!

[ Link ]
‪Only 10 days left to buy a #CPC membership so you can vote in May. It's crunch time, tell your friends and family! [ Link ]
Un classique du Montreal, Quebec Gibeau Orange Julep before the Saint Patrick Day Parade
We just got word from the party that they discovered 1,351 fake “members” that were fraudulently purchased. Pleased with the Party, we need to make sure we find them all.

Tories strike 1,351 memberships from voting list after vote-rigging allegation
Thanks Tony Bernardo from Canadian Shooting Sports Association for the great meeting and some target practice today!