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Kevin O'Leary
01/12/2017 at 14:01. Facebook
The report from my exploratory campaign committee has been released here are the results! Visit and click "View Committee Report" for all the details!
Kevin O'Leary
01/09/2017 at 17:47. Facebook
Music is everywhere when you look for it, check out #Cartagena street rap, this is where it all started!
Sometimes it's important to stop and smell the roses!
Stop the madness! It's a new years day CNBC Shark Tank 18 hour marathon extravaganza. But wait there is more. I'll be giving away prizes from my Shark Tank portfolio companies during each show. Celebrate entrepreneurship and don't miss it.
Happy New Year Everybody!
Innovative climate change solutions always come from the private sector not from government. Justin Trudeau does not understand this because he has never worked in the field. Instead he sits at his desk with Gerald Butts dreaming up new job killing, GDP crushing carbon taxes that keep millennials unemployed living in their parents' basements. Their incompetent leadership is grinding the...
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From my family to yours, in the tradition of Napoleon's saber, we wish you a merry Christmas! Thank you Kent of Inglewood
Thrilled to announce my exploratory committee for CPC leadership this morning. Go to olearyforcanada.ca / olearypourlecanada.ca and tell me if I should run!
The New Year is almost here and that means it's time to start planning for financial freedom in 2017! Lucky for you I've got 5 resolutions to get you started.

5 Financial Resolutions for 2017

Nightmare, I dreamt that old man time arrived at my home 9 days early and there was a feature film crew waiting to shoot it. Oh no it happened! More to follow.
Help me help YOU put your money to work with a new product to make investing easy by filling out this survey! [ Surveymonkey.com Link ]
'Tis the season to give! My friends at Honeyfund want to give you this $150 gift card, redeemable for all kinds of awesome travel experiences!! To enter just comment below and tell me one way you're being financially disciplined this holiday season. Entry closes at midnight ET!
โ€ชHonoured to speak with the Conservative Caucus at Parliament Hill. I will work WITH the party to disrupt a system that doesn't work!
Had to do some business in #Ottawa this morning and thought I'd stop to say high at Parliament hill this afternoon...stay tuned for a live broadcast in the next hour!
Sick of me yet? I don't care!! The King is back with Rick Domeier QVC ! Got a question?
Dinner break at my favorite restaurant in West Chester, Avalon!