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A very sad story, but once again these lions were just doing what lions do. Still think walking with lions is fun?

White lions kill man, injure his friend. - Africa Geographic
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Today we offer you an article that may just change the way you think about animal conservation and welfare. Different geographical locales require different approaches to conservation. Rather than sit in judgement of efforts you fail to understand, perhaps it's time to look at the bigger picture.

*please note, not all the opinions reflected in this article reflect our own.

What do big cats really need from you as an activist in the US? | Animal Rescue Rehabilitation and Conservation Consulting
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Have you ever wondered just how photographers get those up close shots with Kevin and the lions? Here you go!

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Better late than never! Who loads first, Bobcat or Gabby? We hope you enjoy this beautifully intimate video.
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Today’s #FanArtFriday post comes to us from a young lady whose story has touched our hearts. This beautiful lion was done by 19-year-old Rana Issa, a Syrian teen originally from Aleppo, but currently living in Egypt due to the current situation in her homeland. Rana is in University studying biotechnology, and has a love for the arts. We find it incredibly inspiring that she sees the beauty...
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Another great day at the office, wearing my Zamberlan Outdoor boots! Thanks again guys, these boots are most definitely #LionStrong!
Ooh la la, look what finally showed up in the mail! We'd like to say that we'll show you the finished jigsaw puzzle in a day or two, but, well, it really looks like a tough one! Have you picked up any Lionwhisperer merchandise yet? What are you waiting for? Its all available at
Today we are calling out to our followers to see if anyone has a connection to a car dealership in South Africa. If so, please private message us. Thank you.
Very often, we are accused by people who clearly have no idea what our mission is, of encouraging people to get big cats as pets. That couldn't be further from the truth, and as we all know, there is a world-wide epidemic of animal abuse. Education is the key.
#SaveHabitat #SaveLions

Why We Need to Teach Kids That Exotic Animals Are Not Pets or Toys
Have you ever wondered why zebra's have their stripes? You might be surprised!

Biologist found real reason zebras have stripes - Toronto Star Touch
We are just so excited about what 2017 will be bringing. We'd love to tell you everything, but we think the surprise of it all will be better. Watch for updates on George and Yame, updates on 'stinkybum' Nicolas, exciting times at the sanctuary, including overnight visits and day visits, great new lionwhisperer merchandise, and some fabulous volunteering opportunties! Stick with us, it's...
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We hope you ate like kings over the holiday! Happy 2017 Everyone. Hopefully this is the year we will finally see change in the world. #PostiveThoughts
On behalf of our entire team, we want to thank you, our supporters, for helping us grow and accomplish more this year than ever before. With your help we have continued to share our message of conservation, looked after our animal's health and welfare, set a new world's record for root canals, raised awareness of cub petting and canned hunting, launched a few artistic careers, and had a ton of...
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Guess who?!
Photo credit: Virginia Quinn
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