Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd
yesterday at 21:38. Facebook
Great to meet young indigenous leaders from right around the world today in New York as part of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus with their co-chair Duane Fraser from Australia.
Tony Clarke
Tom Burns
Donna Stein
Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd
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Worried about North Korea with all the ramped up rhetoric?

I spoke to ABC Radio National Breakfast about the role South Korea might play - and of course what the US, China and Australia are doing.

You can have a listen online. ( and apologies for the quality of the phone connection.)
Worried about North Korea with all the ramped up rhetoric

Kevin Rudd: South Korean election could provide opening for diplomatic dialogue
Shahidul Islam
Tony Clarke
Kristie Harrison
Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd
04/25/2017 at 12:35. Facebook
On North Korea, it's time for cool heads and hard diplomacy. There are three points of leverage for the Chinese:

- first, they could clamp down on North Korean coal exports to China, which currently provide the North Koreans with the bulk of their foreign exchange;
- second, China could use financial sanctions against the North;
- the third and most difficult option would be for China to...
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Jason Woodley
Kay Ross
Jarrod Booth
Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd
04/24/2017 at 21:17. Facebook
The 102nd ANZAC Day. Thank you to all our veterans from all wars. Lest we forget.

Meet Scotty and Catherine Morris and Chris and Melissa Gates here at the pre-ANZAC Day service here at the ANZAC Gardens here in New York. Scotty is the Australian Military Attaché to the Australian mission to the UN. Chris on assignment inNew Jersey for defence procurement. Both doing a great job for...
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Kay Ross
Peter Hatfield
Amanda Jane Walsh
Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd
04/23/2017 at 23:53. Facebook
Greetings from Di and Kelly from Brissie. In NYC there's a pre- ANZAC Day Sunday service held at ANZAC Gardens at the Rockefeller Center just opposite Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Big Dawn Service here on Tuesday. KRudd
Kathleen Beck
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Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd
04/23/2017 at 02:46. Facebook
#Thoughtsofmeimei. Volume 2. " You may think I'm pudgy. But I consider myself well-proportioned. Besides, Im adjusting to the new Administration here"
Thoughtsofmeimei Volume 2 You may think Im pudgy But I consider myself
Kevin Rudd
Billy-jack Fenwick
Billy-jack Fenwick
Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd
04/21/2017 at 20:11. Facebook
To fix the problem of 1.6 billion people in the world without proper sanitation means unlocking domestic investment in those countries.

This can either come directly from government and general taxation. Or it can come from charging a fee, however small. Or it can be self-financed by local communities and individuals using micro-credit.

The key is unlocking finance from wherever it comes....
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Ben Fogarty
Steve Martin
Maralynne Nowland
Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd
04/20/2017 at 19:36. Facebook
Had a great chat with Swaziland's Minister for Natural Resources and Energy, Jabu Mashwama, at the Sanitation and Water for All meetings in Washington DC. She's Vice President of the AMCOW -African Ministers Council on Water, and a passionate advocate for the sanitation and water sector. Swaziland Water Services Corporation doing good work in the field.
Kay Ross
Lulu Esparon
Kathy Gould
In Washington DC chairing the Global Partnership on Sanitation and Water for All. 51 Water & Sanitation Ministers here to talk about funding the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
Katherine de Heer
Kay Ross
Sean Weatherly
Gidday Australia. More #aussiesabroard. Meet Josh and Jordan. Both from Sydney. Josh studying French Horn in New York. Jordan musical theatre at NYU. Both seriously talented. Ran into them at Bluestone Cafe on Easter Sunday outside church. #aussiescandoanything
Blake Erickson
Val Power
Tanzil Hossain
Explaining the possibilities of a new diplomacy on North Korea and the real hazards of war.

[ Link ]
Explaining the possibilities of a new diplomacy on North Korea and the real hazards of war

Former PM of Australia talks diplomacy and North Korea
Tilley Travis
Matt Garmonsway
Adam Jones
Ran into some more impressive young Aussies (and Kiwis too) overseas in my latest episode of #AussiesAbroad.

These guys are students at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a very famous business school.

I loved hearing how they got all the way over here in the US and what they plan to do in the future.
Gary J Potts
Len Clark
Seán Crowley
#ThrowbackThursday: On this day in 2008 I was honoured to announce the appointment of Quentin Bryce as Australia's first female Governor-General.

She too came from country Queensland, and to this day remains a resolute and passionate advocate for women.
Jennifer Wells
Benno Lewis
Gregory Bryce Lyle Killen
Don't worry Natasha Exelby. Just a flesh wound.

Check out my swearing video if you want a serious blooper. #putyourbloopersout.

Australia wants you back on air.
Daniel Moyo
Vanessa Smith
James Flett
"And you really thought you were going to sit down and read the Weekend Financial Times. Foolish lad. When will you get your priorities right! " Thoughts of Mei Mei. Volume 1.
And you really thought you were going to sit down and read
Serge Miranda
Nico Kresse
Karina Jones
Day one of the President Trump-President Xi Jinping summit seems to have gone without controversy. There’s an interesting statement by President Xi reported in the Chinese media, where he recommends that he and Trump take this meeting as a new starting point in the U.S.-China relationship. He also goes on to ask where the relationship will stand in the next 45 years. He then says it depends...
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Day one of the President TrumpPresident Xi Jinping summit seems to have

Former Prime Minister of Australia Says Trump Is Right
Laydee Lisa
Tony Chaille
Joan McCormick
I fully support the US strike against the Syrian regime.

In the absence of that, we, step by step, legitimise the use of chemical weapons.
I fully support the US strike against the Syrian regime

Syria chemical 'attack': Father grieves for nine-month-old twins - BBC News
Kris Bullen
Helen Ruth
Daniel Harrison
Syrian chemical weapons crisis hits the front page just as President Trump and President Xi Jinping sit down at Mar-a-Lago for the U.S.-China summit. On the bilateral relationship, the key will be whether the two sides can reach any “in-principle” agreement on what now to do on the trade deficit, North Korea and the South China Sea. In this interview, I outline the three broad strategic...
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Syrian chemical weapons crisis hits the front page just as President Trump

Quest Means Business on Twitter

“FULL INTERVIEW: Fmr. #Australia PM @MrKRudd on #XiVisit and what will be discussed when the two leaders meet #QMB”

Kevin Brewer
Paul Huver
Tej Susidonge
On upcoming Xi-Trump Summit, North Korea, and trade.
Rachel Pilkington
Shannon Wall
Tony Cosentino
Join me shortly for a facebook live chat.

In the lead up to the highly anticipated meeting between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping later this week, I will be discussing the many issues that are on the table including US-China relations, North Korea and future of trade.

The livestream will take place: Thursday, 8am AEST / Wednesday, 6pm New York.

Please join in, I...
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Join me shortly for a facebook live chat
Carwyn Church
Gary Doherty
Niki Gango