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Kevin Rudd
yesterday at 22:26. Facebook
PM Narendra Modi of India gave a major address at the conference I've been attending in Delhi on India's future role in the world. I was asked to address the biggest political challenges facing the world in 2017.

I entitled my speech "2017: The Year of Living Dangerously" and listed the ten really big challenges for the year ahead, most, but not all, directly related to the new Trump...
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Kevin Rudd
yesterday at 08:13. Facebook
More selfies with Aussies abroad. This wonderful young woman from Sydney doing great work with the UN Environment Program in Asia. Particularly resource, energy and raw materials pricing and environmental transparency in global supply chains. Inspiring to see so many Australians working for UN and other international agencies around the world doing what they can to lift people out of poverty,...
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Kevin Rudd
yesterday at 00:48. Facebook
Am in India today at the #RaisinaDialogue and will be part of a panel this afternoon (230PM Sydney time) discussing ways to connect Asian countries for the sake of shared peace and prosperity.

If you are having a slow arvo you can tune in at : [ Orfonline.org Link ]

Observer Research Foundation

Kevin Rudd
01/17/2017 at 19:24. Facebook
Well the Brisbane Courier Fail just can't bring themselves to admit they ran a totally misleading article. They run a report inferring that I have been profligate in ordering offical stationery, when in fact our office expenses are about half those of John Howard. They were told this by my staff. And it is all on the public parliamentary record as well. Yet still they ran it because they...
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Kevin Rudd
01/17/2017 at 02:51. Facebook
Meet Bunker Roy, founder of Barefoot College in India 45 years ago. They have a simple mission: to build self-sufficiency in energy, health, education and livelihoods in the must remote villages across the world. Now in 72 countries. One of their great initiatives is training local female villagers to build and maintain solar power for their communities. Access to light is transformational...
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Kevin Rudd
01/16/2017 at 09:01. Facebook
The #CourierFail goes on the attack with biased reporting today, and when I respond with the publicly available facts, they keep up the attack by labeling my reply an "online tirade"

I guess facts bother them. Most people would call it a legitimate right to self-defence in a newspaper monopoly town.

Sad to see how badly the #CourierFail has trashed its own brand over the last five years or...
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More Murdoch Mis-reporting, led by the Brisbane Courier Fail.

Kevin Rudd
01/16/2017 at 06:08. Facebook
An honour to be with The Global Foundation in meeting with Pope Francis.

He spoke to us of "cooperative globalisation" as opposed to the "globalisation of indifference."

[ Theaustralian.com.au Link ]
Kevin Rudd
01/16/2017 at 01:57. Facebook
Opportunity to sell fundamental Oz strengths to Russian PM Medvedev. Part 3 of the KR Trilogy.

I promise this is the end of my "From Russia with Love" series. Even if you are sunning yourself at the beach with nothing much on your minds.
Kevin Rudd
01/15/2017 at 23:59. Facebook
The Murdoch tabloids, led by the #CourierFail in Brisbane have done their best to smear me again today.

The fact is, in the most recent reporting period, the Australian taxpayers spent nearly twice as much on former Prime Minister John Howard, than they did on any other former Prime Minister.

I didn't claim any telecommunications expenses. I didn't claim any family travel.

The order of...
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Kevin Rudd
01/15/2017 at 07:46. Facebook
Further "thoughts of Kevin" :) if the Sunday night movies are rotten back home. On this year's G20 in Germany, Merkel must lead. I also believe if we are serious about the G20's future this year, it's got to roll back the tide of protectionism.
Kevin Rudd
01/14/2017 at 08:55. Facebook
If you've got a spare ten mins on a quiet Saturday, and if you're thinking about the global economy this year, the following are a few reflections from yours truly yesterday at the Gaidar Forum in Moscow.

The G20 in 2017 must deal with 3 core challenges: financial system risk, low global growth, and managing geo-political uncertainty.
Kevin Rudd
01/13/2017 at 02:56. Facebook
From Brisbane and plus 35, to Moscow and minus 10 in two days. Aaaaaah. Bloody freezing.

Attending a roundtable with Russian Prime Minister Medvedev on the future of global and Russian economies.

I also spoke to the Гайдаровский форум Gaidar Forum here on future of the G20.
Kevin Rudd
01/12/2017 at 08:26. Facebook
A few personal reflections on diplomatic and political careers if you're interested. Introductory remarks delivered to the conference on Ambassadors yesterday in Mexico. Bulk of discussion that followed was on Trump and China.
Further in my series of selfies and snaps with Aussies I meet around the country and around the world, meet these good folks from Prahran ( I can never pronounce that suburb) in Melbourne. And their guide Marco. Met while admiring the extraordinary murals on Mexican history by Diego Rivera here in Mexico City. Brutal. Beautiful. Disturbing.l
Just been talking to the annual conference of ambassadors here in Mexico City, at the invitation of Mexican Foreign Minister. Main subjects US-China, US-Mexico under Trump. Also told some tall tales....KRudd
These guys are serious selfie addicts. Meet Angus 11from Byron Bay on 15 his way to the US with his Dad. And Riley from SMC on the Gold Coast heading in the same direction with his folks. Great guys. Hope they do well at school. KRudd
Christmas was fun with the family. Including the little possums. Having brought our kids up on the Wiggles, and "Driving in our Big Red Car," decided it was time to get started with the grandkids. Got little Mac his own little red car. He's just turned one. Hope you all had a great Christmas too. KRudd
Holiday snaps with some local guys. Meet Jonas Pascoe and Kinnane the Younger. Both from Nudgee College. Young Jonas has already started his own business. Fantastic. Met them and Kinnane the Elder at Fratelinis at Sunshine Beach. Go well in your final years of school guys. KRudd
More Selfies: Ran into these guys, Matt and Odette, at the Imperial Hotel in Eumundi last night. This was my dad's old watering hole back in the day when we were farmers out on the Noosa Road. This was Matt's 40th! No need to fret mate- its all downhill from there:) I should know :) Happy Birthday.
Went driving down memory lane this afternoon with Marcus around Cooroy, Belli, Kenilworth, Obi Obi, Mapleton, Nambour, and now dinner in my old home town of Eumundi. And selfies with Chris and Joy who we ran into at the magnificent Dulong Lookout. These guys volunteered in the Kevin 07 Campaign. Now living locally. So heaps of thanks to them and all the volunteers from back then. KRudd