Kevin Rudd
02/24/2017 at 20:01. Facebook
With apologies to Dr. Strangelove....and my favourite actor Slim Pickens. KRudd
Kevin Rudd
02/22/2017 at 06:55. Facebook
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today challenged former Prime Minister Hawke and myself on what sort of Palestinian state we would recommend Israel recognise.

I have a simple reply to Mr Netanyahu : The boundaries, internal security, external security, public finance and governance of a Palestinian state have been elaborated in detail in multiple negotiations with the US under the...
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Netanyahu in historic visit to Australia
Kevin Rudd
02/21/2017 at 11:46. Facebook
Here's a podcast to add to your listening library. Kickass News

Fantastic range of conversations - probably the least of which is my recent chat on Trump, the Asia Pacific region and the world.

Take a look - have a listen.

Kickass News by Mathis Entertainment, Inc. on iTunes
Kevin Rudd
02/21/2017 . Facebook
And if you are interested in our region and the foreign policy that shapes our place in the world - make sure you follow the Asia Society Policy Institute Facebook page for great conversations, ideas and thinking on international issues that matter.

Kickass News by Mathis Entertainment, Inc. on iTunes
Kevin Rudd
02/20/2017 at 23:31. Facebook
I've followed closely recent developments in Israel and the US.

In Israel, recent legislation by the Israeli Knesset legalising large scale Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory on the West Bank fundamentally undermines the prospect of a two-state solution.

It does this by degrading the overall territory remaining that would be incorporated in an independent Palestinian...
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'The time has come': Kevin Rudd reveals his 'deepest fear'
Kevin Rudd
02/20/2017 at 08:53. Facebook
Hi guys,

For those of you without a good home movie this evening, here’s the video of our discussion at the Munich Security Conference on the two big security challenges for our region this year.

1. What to do about U.S.-China relations without risking conflict or even war; and

2. What are the possible next steps to prevent the final nuclear breakout by North Korea.

The discussion has a...
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Panel Discussion "Pacific no more? Security in East Asia and the Korean Peninsula"
Kevin Rudd
02/20/2017 at 06:55. Facebook
Meet Kirsty Hansen, here at Munich Security Conference, ANU graduate from Canberra, and proud Australian. She works for Lassina Zerbo the Executive Director the UN's Comprehensive Test Ban Organisation. The CTBO is dedicated to enforcing nuclear testing across the world. It's been a great success. North Korea the only breakout country out of 193 states in the world. And the CTBT itself the...
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Meanwhile in New York Qing Qing and Mei Mei have been contemplating the snow. Great to look at. Less great to be in. Even with fur. KRudd
This bloke's name is Lassina Zerbo. Graduate in Geophysics UWA in Perth. Now head of Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation in Vienna. Doing great work. And an example of what a first class Oz university education can do.
Russian FM Lavrov now speaking at Munich Security Conference. Hard line speech. Laying out principles for future of US -Russia relations. My North Korea session with South Korean FM, Japanese Dep FM, Singapore FM, Indonesian FM and Exec Director of Comprehensive Test Ban Organisation.
At 3am on Sunday morning in Sydney or 11am on Saturday morning in New York, or 5pm Saturday here in Munich, I will be moderating a panel at the Munich Security Conference.

You can watch it live at [ Link ] #MSC2017

The discussion panel is called "Pacific no more? Security in East Asia and the Korean Peninsula"

The panel will tackle the major threats to our region,...
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MSC - Munich Security Conference
Vice President Pence now speaking to the Munich Conference. Pledges unqualified US support for NATO.
Munich Security Conference opening now here by Chancellor Merkel. Vice President Pence to follow. 2017 is the Year of Living Dangerously. Multiple security challenges. The challenge is what to do about them. I chair the panel this afternoon on North Korea. KRudd
More video-selfies of kind folks I meet around Australia and around the world. Meet Nadia from Graceville in Bris. She is a terrific barista at the local coffee shop on the corner near Peter's Deli. KRudd
Meet Peter. The owner of a serious Deli in Graceville in Brissie. Good bloke. He sells some serious QLD cheeses including from Woombye up on the coast. Great little town too. KRudd
Time to defend the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If Libs are now opposed, why didn't they say so at the 2013 election?

Back in 2013 I thought the NDIS had bipartisan support, including the funding. Sad to see the Coalition stooping to such tactics.
Always great to hear about the work of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation - which has put over 400 Aboriginal kids from all over Australia through our best private schools - and with many more currently studying.
Turnbull irresponsibly voted down my government's reform of political donations in 2008-9.

Time now for total overhaul.

β€˜Ban donations to stop corruption’: Rudd
Marked the 9th Anniversary of the National Apology to Indigenous Australians with a speech at the ANU.

In particular I focused on the growing crisis of Indigenous children in out of home care.

You can read the speech here: [ Link ]

Or watch it here: [ Link ]
Bit of culture shock being back at Parliament House for #closethegap but I had a chat with Sky News Australia on the need for Prime Ministerial commitment on Indigenous issues; climate change and energy issues; and the North Korean threat.