Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
yesterday at 20:39. Facebook
My #tsa guy at #lax was a fan but his position prevents him from asking for selfies. So I asked for a pic of him instead. If anyone knows this gent, let him know this pic is here for him, please. Thanks! #KevinSmith #airport #tsaagent
My tsa guy at lax was a fan but his position prevents
Casey Ross
Steve Mora
Chris Adornato
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
04/21/2017 at 15:32. Facebook
While I was on stage in #stlouis, my kid @harleyquinnsmith_ got to go to the @guardiansofthegalaxy premiere. "Where's the justice?" I asked. Harley said "But I've loved @marvel movies my whole life!" To which I replied "Well I've loved #marvel since before you were even cum!" I may have won the argument but I likely lost any respect she may have had left for me as an authority figure......
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While I was on stage in stlouis my kid harleyquinnsmith got to
Cindy Sweeney
Dave Mapes
Lisa Ryder
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
04/20/2017 at 15:34. Facebook
HAPPY 4/20, fellow Travelers of the Green! Don't simply "get high" today - use the herb to go deep into yourself to find out what you really wanna do with the rest of your one and only life! Then pursue that dream until it's a reality (unless that dream is to hurt others; never do that)! You can do this: you're as good as anyone else who does stuff you're interested in doing - maybe even...
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HAPPY 420 fellow Travelers of the Green Dont simply get high today
Norm Hoffman
Dan Wolff
Brian Vaillancourt
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
04/19/2017 at 16:48. Facebook
Jay and Silent Bob fly Southwest Airlines!
Cam Merrick
Jan Eggers
David Baughman
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
04/19/2017 at 15:48. Facebook
No matter where you go in the world, @jayandsilentbob are everywhere. We found this pair of Jay & Bob's at the #kansascity airport this morning after a killer show in #lawrencekansas last night! @jaymewes & I are now off to #stlouis for tonight's episode of #jayandsilentbobgetold at @thepageantstl (some tix still left) and tomorrow's SOLD OUT 4/20 show! #KevinSmith #jaymewes #kansas #missouri...
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No matter where you go in the world jayandsilentbob are everywhere We
Gregg David Sullivan
Reed Iccullus
Jeremy Creighton
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
04/18/2017 at 22:27. Facebook
From the EDUMACATION podcast hosted by Andy McElfresh and Kevin Smith comes fan-fave character Emo, in his first short subject film! Animated entirely by Andy with vocal stylings by Kev, BLUE GOLD is a journey into the lonely goldfish in all of us. Listen to Edumacation every week at
Rich DeTommaso
Michael Oxx
Tommy Arnold
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
04/18/2017 at 17:03. Facebook
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS FARM BOY? @samosier & I dropped the 10th Anniversary ep of #SModcast last night! In the episode, I read letters from 1982, 1983 & 1984 written by a Pen Pal I was assigned by the @starwars Fan Club Pen Pal. The whole ep is about my first Canadian friend before #scottmosier, whose name was Darrell Morton. He'd be roughly 46 now, but back in 1982, he was a 12 year old #canuck...
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HAVE YOU SEEN THIS FARM BOY samosier I dropped the 10th Anniversary
Shannon Grimshire-Ewalt
Tracy Brown
William Morden
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
04/17/2017 at 18:31. Facebook
The Metatron in miniature: Alan Rickman as a schoolboy. Portrait of the artist as a young man. Miss you, sir... #KevinSmith #alanrickman
The Metatron in miniature Alan Rickman as a schoolboy Portrait of the
J.R. Shartzer
Ryan Gibson
Mark Hales
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
04/16/2017 at 15:20. Facebook
Hoppy Easter, from me & @jayandsilentbob! #KevinSmith #jaymewes #jasonmewes #easter #Mallrats #easterbunny #jayandsilentbob
Hoppy Easter from me jayandsilentbob KevinSmith jaymewes jasonmewes easter Mallr
Sean McPhail
Waylander Dayne
Sean David Reeves
Let's watch THE LAST JEDI trailer together!
Steve Heineman
Paul Kerton
Adam Friedrich
Breathe... The poster & trailer for @starwars #thelastjedi have arrived! Now if we can all stay alive long enough we can all see it in December! #KevinSmith #starwars #starwarsthelastjedi
Breathe The poster trailer for starwars thelastjedi have arrived Now if we
Paul McLaughlin
Joseph Gagnepain
Jeff Smith
My new jersey features a crest that makes me look like the Manhunter from Mars, J'onn J'onnz! If I ever get to direct @supergirlcw again, I wanna wear it on a day I get to work with @davidharewood! (This @dccomics design comes courtesy of the amazing @jeffquigley!) #KevinSmith #jonnjonnz #martianmanhunter #supergirl #dccomics
My new jersey features a crest that makes me look like the
Brian Christopher Halleran
Ron Chevrier
Carolyn Weiland
Happy Birthday to @theshando - beloved mall rat, Heather, witchy woman, 90210-er and #cancerslayer! From 1995 to today, you remain my hero(ine)! #KevinSmith #shannendoherty #birthday #birthdaygirl #Mallrats
Happy Birthday to theshando beloved mall rat Heather witchy woman 90210er and
Correne Prevost
Lily Pookins Farrell
Al Cady
My new jersey with a #Clerks crest, drawn by @jeremysimser, the @cwtheflash & @supergirlcw storyboard artist extraordinaire! It depicts the first appearance of @jayandsilentbob as if we'd used storyboards on my 1994 flick (we didn't). Jeremy will get to do real storyboards for #jayandsilentbob when we shoot #jayandsilentbobreboot this August. This and many other crests will be available when...
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My new jersey with a Clerks crest drawn by jeremysimser the cwtheflash
Dustan Roberts
Michael Williams
James Vertovec
It's #Shecky & rescue dog #madmartigan taking it easy on #nationalpetday! Dogs make us better people! #KevinSmith #dogs #dogsofinstgram #dogsofinsta #rescuedog #dachshundsofinstagram #dachshund
Its Shecky rescue dog madmartigan taking it easy on nationalpetday Dogs make
Chris Brandstaetter
Mel McGregor
Craig Noble
When he was a kid growing up in Highlands, filmmaker Kevin Smith would see too many movies at the Atlantic Highlands Cinema, now called Atlantic Cinemas, during which he was never allowed to talk. Now, decades later, Silent Bob will open his fat yap and talk a LOT inside Atlantic Cinemas when he does a Q & A show to benefit FilmOneFest and the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council.

Janet Peterson,...
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When he was a kid growing up in Highlands filmmaker Kevin Smith

An Evening with Kevin Smith in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Mark Walton
Joel Stefaniak
Ryan Mendenhall
A writer, comedian, podcaster, and film director, KEVIN SMITH has written and directed numerous films, including Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Red State & Tusk; Creator of AMC’s Comic Book Men; authored Silent Bob Speaks, Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith, My Boring-Ass Life and most recently Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good. He can be...
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A writer comedian podcaster and film director KEVIN SMITH has written and

An Evening with Kevin Smith in Ontario, CA

Adrian Lewis
Lester Mann
Patrick Bruneau
Let's watch the new Thor trailer!
Melissa Miciek
Justin Sideris
David Schaeffer
I used my mouth on @bryancallen & @brendanschaub last week during their podcast @thefighterandthekid. It was a great gabfest with a pair of real men who make me look even fatter than I already am simply by standing next to me. Give it a listen if you got a minute. #KevinSmith #bryancallen #brendanschaub #fighterandthekid
I used my mouth on bryancallen brendanschaub last week during their podcast
Kyle Neuer
Wayne Fritz
Daniel Djrc Conderman
20 years ago this week, #ChasingAmy was released. The third motion picture I ever made, Amy happened after the critically reviled #Mallrats was thought to have killed my film career. The leads of Amy were not well known at the time so the folks in charge of @miramax didn't wanna cast them. I turned down a 3 million dollar budgeted version of the flick with more well-known actors and suggested...
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20 years ago this week ChasingAmy was released The third motion picture
Mitchell Zirbel
Cory Noziglia
Greg Musselman