What makes a sequel great? Star Magic Jackson Jr. has the answers.

How to Make a Good Movie Sequel

The nooicest of news: The Comedy Central app now has Key & Peele stickers. [ On.cc.com Link ]
Just in time for Universal's Get Out, Jordan Peele's directorial debut, we're releasing 10 classic episodes from the archives – no login required.

GET INTO "GET OUT" - Key and Peele - Comedy Central

In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, we celebrate Key & Peele's celebrations of Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Tribute to Key & Peele's Tributes to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Obama and Luther aren’t too jazzed about the person who will be running the country from now on.
Obama tried to be optimistic in his farewell address on The Daily Show. Luther, not so much.
Obama and Luther are here to remind Americans about the one thing we can all agree on.
Ahead of Trump's presidency, Obama and Luther offered some extra angry final words on The Daily Show.
Watch Key and Peele drop in on The Daily Show as Obama and Luther. They've got some parting words for the American people (and Donald Trump).

Keegan-Michael Key - A Farewell Address from Obama's Anger Translator

Tonight on The Daily Show, Key and Peele return with one final address from President Obama and Luther, his anger translator.
Tonight on The Daily Show, Obama and his anger translator Luther stop by to deliver a few parting words.
Obama and Luther are coming to The Daily Show tomorrow to deliver a few parting words. We're guessing the POTUS has a lot of anger that needs translating right now.
In case you doubted Keegan's accent work, may we present Why Him?
Achieving hip-hop stardom takes hard work. Here are some pointers.

A Guide to Hip-Hop Stardom

Mr. Garvey hasn't forgotten about your insubordination. Experience his wrath and the rest of Key & Peele's archive of classics now.

Key & Peele: The Ultimate Sketch Archive

This Halloween, don't forget about the unsung heroes of the horror game: Jordan and Keegan.

Key & Peele - Masters of Horror

The show may be over, but the East/West rivalry never dies. Pick a side in the Key & Peele sketch archive.

Key and Peele

Get totally tubular with Jordan and Keegan's best 80s sketches.

Key & Peele: Remembering the 80s So You Don't Have To

Channel your nostalgia for Key & Peele's best sketches into a full-on marathon binge. Wendell would be proud.

Key & Peele: The Ultimate Sketch Experience

Keegan and Jordan saw the singularity coming a mile away.

Key & Peele - Technology Is Here to Destroy Us