Environments have an important influence on the development and maintenance of healthy lifestyles, especially people’s physical and social environments, like their homes, communities and their personal characteristics.

#BeSmart and improve your immediate surroundings like recycling glass and plastic, which can contribute to alleviating waste in the greater scheme of...
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World Chilli Day.

The health benefits of chillies point to relieving of pain from conditions like arthritis, and according to a new study by researchers at the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine, it can improve longevity.

Capsaicin, the key chemical in chilli peppers responsible for its fiery kick, is believed to be pivotal in cellular and molecular mechanisms that prevent...
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Some of the core benefits of yoga include improved flexibility, balance and posture, an increase in blood flow, and regulation of blood pressure.

How has yoga improved your life?

At KeyHealth Medical Scheme, we focus on giving you just what you need: top-quality, affordable medical cover without the unnecessary frills.

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Break the cycle.

#BeSmart and decrease monotony and take a ride on a trail for a change of scenery, or change your routine by commuting to work on your bicycle.

Grow your own veggies.

Besides being healthy and cheaper than buying from the grocery store, growing your own vegetables and providing organic, wholesome food for your family can be a rewarding experience. #BeSmart by being self-sufficient and decreasing your dependability.

Adventure Life provides some insights of how KeyHealth Nevarest Team's trailblazing generation of #adventureracing athletes conquered the various obstacles at the Toyota #Warrior1 powered by Reebok.

#GetOffTheCouch #LevelUp #Conquer

KeyHealth Nevarest - No Obstacle To big | Adventure Life

The latest version of the #KeyHealth app includes a facility for members to search for a specialist and view their contact details.

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#AirPollution causes heart and lung diseases and cancer, resulting in approximately 6.5 million deaths each year. (WHO)

Decrease your demand for energy and minimise wastage in your household. #KeepItSimple and use electricity and water only when necessary and only use food that you or your family will consume without wastage.

Although every couple has its challenges, being in a healthy relationship with a healthy significant other can actually give your psychological and physical well-being a boost.

Apart from emotional support, healthy lifestyle choices and habits can rub off and make you a healthier person.

#ValentinesDay #HealthyLifestyleAwarenessMonth
It’s World Donor Day.

Whether you’re a regular blood donor or have decided to register as an organ or tissue donor, we recognise the selfless role that donors play in giving others a lifeline and a second chance in life.

Sign up to become an organ donor today: [ Odf.org.za Link ]

If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

Lack of sleep can lead to higher risk of chronic health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes.

Your body needs uninterrupted and quality sleep to be able to function properly. #BeSmart and give yourself an hour before going to bed to “switch-off”. Don’t make use of any smartphone, TV or electronic device just before going...
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Big ups to our KeyHealth Nevarest Team athletes who claimed first and third place in the Toyota #Warrior1 powered by Reebok short course challenge this weekend!

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#Warrior #GetOffTheCouch
The Reebok #Sprint Race powered by KeyHealth Medical Scheme at the Toyota #Warrior1 powered by Reebok!

How did you find the obstacles?

#Warrior #Reebok #KeyHealth #Nevarest
Good luck to all the #Warriors participating in the Toyota #Warrior1 powered by Reebok.

Follow the KeyHealth Medical Scheme this weekend as they tackle the obstacles of the The Warrior Race.

#GetOffTheCouch #Nevarest #Warrior
Environmental Health Awareness Month.

Every year, 1 in 4 people die from diseases associated with air, water or soil pollution. (WHO)

A polluted environment affects every organism and is increasingly becoming fatal for humans. We have a responsibility and all need to do our part to decrease pollution and wastage. How do you convince people to adapt their attitudes towards pollution and...
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KeyHealth Medical Scheme’s newly updated app now features a facility for members to search for a #DSP hospital according to their location.

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#Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases in the world, with approximately 50 million people living with the disease. (WHO)

People suffering from epilepsy, and their families, are often stigmatised and discriminated against which can impact on the quality of their lives.

How are you making a difference on International Epilepsy Day?

Trying to balance work, personal and family time can be challenging.

How do you stay active and keep fit? Are you out of the starting blocks with your 2017 fitness goals?