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Kezia Noble
12/04/2016 at 20:27. Facebook
One of the experts on my team with over a DECADE of teaching my students how to get results with women in 'day time environments' shares some of his most valuable advice in this video.
(Check out the two Rottweilers too)
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How to meet women in the daytime

So she says she has a boyfriend. Game over right?
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What to say if she has a boyfriend

Are you always seen as just another 'Nice Guy' ?

Are you tired of getting 'Friend-zoned' ?

Do you struggle to keep her interest for more than a few minutes, before you allow the conversation to fizzle out too soon..yet again?

Men have been following BAD dating advice for WAY too long. Theyโ€™ve been told to be more confident, to just be themselves even buy her flowers!

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Start getting REAL results with women in under 18 hours!
Next US Platinum bootcamp is in DALLAS on the 10th and 11th of December. Don't miss out:
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Probably one of the best bootcamps we've held so far.
I'm so proud of my US team for giving our students a weekend they'll never forget in New York.
Here's some photos of the bootcamp- Remember next one is in Dallas on the 10th of December- Check out how you can be a part of this experience here: [ Kezia-noble.com Link ]
Check out our new girl on the team, Cher! (Such a cool name)
Here she is with a few of the students who took action and joined our New York bootcamp last weekend.
My Next US Bootcamp is on the 10th of December in Dallas, see you there!
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Are you showing her too much respect?
Is she getting turned off by your 'white knight' tactics?
This video won't make the feminists like me anymore than they already do.

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How to not be sleazy or creepy

This is LITERALLY a step-by-step guide on how to get a woman to want to you.
Stop getting into the Nice Guy trap and say goodbye to the friend-zone. Start applying the steps and you will experience streams of positive reactions from any woman you want with immediate results.
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The party season is officially HERE.
Follow my tips to make sure that you enter that party with presence and confidence. (A few small alterations can make a BIG difference)
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How to have Alpha Male body language

Not having much success with online dating?
Check out my FOUR very very very very effective tips that could solve the issue.
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What to say to a girl online

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How to address the 'Boyfriend Dilemma'
Definitely worth a read:
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What to say if she has a boyfriend

Great 'cold reading' tip:
"Are you a middle child ?- because you have characteristics of one'
Even if she isn't, this can be a great conversational spike. Everyone has an opinion about first, middle, youngest and only child syndrome.
Find out more ways to add hooks and conversational threads within your interactions:
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Have great conversations with women - 10 Hook Lead System

If you want to find out how to get more success with seducing older women, then this is worth checking out:
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How to attract older women

My upcoming New York bootcamp is SOLD OUT.
If you missed the opportunity don't panic!
Our next US Platinum Bootcamp will be in DALLAS on the 10th-11th of December:
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