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"The first matter that the slave of Allah will be brought to account for on the Day of Judgement is the prayer. If it is sound, then the rest of their deeds will be sound. But if it is bad, then the rest of their deeds will be bad.” [Sahih Jami, Volume 1, page 503]

We invite you and your family to register for the Salah Seminar. ...
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Another year... another Sound Heart Conference: April 15 & 16, 2017 (10am-9pm) at the International Center (5000 Free Parking).
From choosing the right mate to raising righteous children, it sometimes feels as if the entire world is going against us.


Today, the Muslim family is facing many challenges. Among the disturbing phenomena that many imams and Councillors note is the breakdown of so many Muslim households.

Why is this happening? What is the missing ingredient? And...
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Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque

When you decide to trust in Allah, you will reduce a lot of stress in your life.

"70,000 people from my nation will go to Jannah without any questioning. These are those who don't seek ruqya, cauterizing. They don't believe in superstitions and they trust in Allah."

Please join us Sunday night lecture (after isha) titled Trusting in Allah by Sh. Aarij at Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque.

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Are you going through tough time? Are you dealing with problems right now? Are you dealing with fitnah?
[ Khalidmosque.com Link ]

Do you need advice, then let us help you! In life, all of us will go through trials and tribulation - All kinds of fitnah. And No one will escape it. Not a single soul!

All of us we'll face the trials and tribulations of this World. No one will escape it! ...
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2017 Sound Heart Conference

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Sh. Said Rageah invites you to "Coolness of Our Eyes" Conference by Sakinah Center (Sound Heart Conference Sponsor). For more info, visit Sakinah Center website:
Don't forget to set your clocks back! Daylight saving time ends tonight.
The Prayer Schedule for KhalidMosque.com:
Fajr: 6:00 am
Duhur: 1:00pm
Juman: 1:00pm
Asr: 3:00pm
Maqrib: 5:05 pm or sunset
Isha: 7:00pm

Can't put the pieces together? Do you need advice? Check out our Islamic counselling and get some direction. Visit this page to get more information.

Islamic Counselling at Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque

Look what you're missing out tonight. Try to come to masjid more often. :)
You will be shocked when you see our website. It is brand new! Check it out right now!
Over the last couple of years, Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque has led the funeral services of dozens of youth as a result of youth violence.

Alhamdulalh, we started a youth leadership program, and we had 16 students (brothers and sisters) graduated from it.

This month, we are introducing a three month "Youth mentor-ship program" From October to December, 2016.

The program was brought to you...
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Something big is coming to Toronto on October 8, and it is real! :)

We present 2016 Twins Of Faith Islamic Conference [Sound Heart Conference Sponsor].

When? Saturday October 8, 2016 (9am - 10pm) at the Metro Convention Center - South Building.

Twins of Faith is where knowledge meets action to inspire positive change. And real change starts from within. It's starts with the awakening of...
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Wherever you are... Whoever you are ... EID MUBARAK! :)
Check out this cool event. It is one of our sponsors: Toronto Quran Competition. Over $40,000 in prizes. Both Brothers and Sisters competitors are welcome!

You can join this event as a competitors or an attendee! Don't miss this event and visit for more details. :)
Here is your 2nd chance to enroll in this course: Fiqh of Wudu and Ghusl. We all know how important wudu is to our life, because it is the key to prayer... and prayer is the key to Jannah.

It is also the way our Prophet (PBUH) will recognized his nation (which us). Most importantly, it cleanses us from our daily sins.

What will this course answer:

- Can I...
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