How are you feeling this Friday?
Happy Human Rights Day family.

What other rights do you feel should be added to this list?
Good morning family. What language do you speak?

Are you able to read and write in that language?
What's your favourite Khumbulekhaya memory?

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This week on Khumbul'ekhaya. Who do you run to when you've got a problem?
Here's what you should expect to see tonight on #Khumbulekhaya.

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Family is family regardless of where you go or how long you're gone for.

Choose love, choose your family. #Chooseday
You could choose to be forgiving and happy or hold on to your pain and be unhappy.

Choose wisely.
It takes a lot of courage and strength to trust that a parent that left you once won't leave you again.

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Here's what to expect tonight on #Khumbulekhaya. Would you live with someone who isn't willing to tell you anything about their past?
Good morning family, it's raining in Johannesburg. How's your side of town?
It's never easy finding out the person you've longed to see has already passed on.

Tomorrow night on #Khumbulekhaya
What are your plans for Valentine's day?
Tonight on Khumbul'ekhaya!

Do you think saying you have started a new life for yourself is good enough reason to not go back to your children?
Good Morning family. Happy Khumbu Wednesday!!!
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Good morning family. How are you today?