This silence has made me realise that we don't need words..!! Just give us food and we are sorted #happyhugday my bff.. each tribulation only makes this hug stronger.. thank u for being my pillar through everything by the way you look super @bipingrewal #iloveyou #mybestfriend
Good morning ji saareyan nu.. from under my umbrella!! #iceland #strokkur #geysir
Twinning with my fav girl
Tainu suit suit karda
Subah subah jab khidki khole, baaju waali ladki haaye Don't know why I'm singing this song early morning #desitadka #bollywood
The customary bathroom selfie #womaninblack
These moments!
No matter how much I try not to, I always end up making these weird, excited, non poised, non feminine, funny faces on stage when I'm singing and later when I look at the pictures I wonder what people must think I am..

Well, here it is then.. I'm unapologetically and proudly so, a hardcore Punjabi girl, who couldn't care less about how she looks as long as she's having fun on that stage.....
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Crazy bunch! Crazy times!
Mornings be like...
With my super duper team after a super duper gig last night! #blessed
Travel!! Go to the places you always read about in books and saw in movies Its the most enriching experience #iceland
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