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We provided the wheels, and B.R.A.K.E.S. with Doug Herbert provided the invaluable lessons on teen driver safety. We are proud to be partners with an organization whose mission is to prevent injuries and save lives by training and educating teenage drivers and their parents about the importance of safe and responsible driving. Thank you for your time, Pomona, California, Concord, North...
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Kia Motors America
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Park a #KiaSoul in a clearing by the woods & make your own field of dreams. credit: Jeff W. [ Link ]
Kia Motors America
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We would like to congratulate LeBron James for being selected for his 13th consecutive appearance on the NBA All-Star roster. #KiaAllStar #NBAAllStar
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Feel like an NBA player when you roll up to the office with the #KiaOptima on your team.
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Redefining modern, redefining minivan. #KiaSedona
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From advanced driver tech to interior comforts, the sky's the limit in the #KiaForte. [ Link ]
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Whether it's tech, fuel-efficiency, or just open-road excitement you crave, the #KiaForte has it all. Learn more here: [ Link ]
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There are things you need and then there are things you want. Isn’t it great when the two can play nice? #KiaNiro
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Choosing a hybrid shouldn't have you up against a wall. Introducing the bold, hold-nothing-back, #KiaNiro hybrid crossover. [ Link ]
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What’s in a name? Well, in this case, it’s fuel efficiency, flexible seating, voice-activated technology…we could go on.
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Elegant luxury meets old Southern charm. #KiaCadenza credit: MommyMusings #KiaSpotting
Are you ready for your close-up? Check out this video from the film-noir inspired evening of lights, camera, action and the main star: the #KiaCadenza.
Fun fact: we placed the battery of the #KiaSoulEV right under the floor resulting in more cabin space and better handling due to a lower center of gravity. [ Link ]
Our newest unveil, the #KiaStinger was named “Best in Show” from #thecurveahead looks bright. [ Link ]
When you own a #KiaOptima your driveway gets upset when you drive off with it. credit: Nicholas F. #KiaSpotting
We'd love for you to share your pictures of the things you see and the places you go in your #KiaForte. credit: Ryan R. #KiaSpotting
The #KiaOptima will push boundaries and leave you with plenty of daylight so you can enjoy some fun in the sun. [ Link ]
‪The 2018 Kia Stinger received the EyesOn Design award for production car design excellence! ‬