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People of Earth, the wait is almost over. The new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 premieres April 14, all thanks to the support of 48,270 backers like you.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 | New Season Trailer

In the not too distant future... the new season of MST3K is coming to Netflix. (April 14, AD, to be exact.)

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Heads up, Ted Leo fans: it's your last chance to back his first solo record in seven years. Join the 3,000+ backers helping him produce it independently:

To up your excitement about Ted's album to come, check him out playing acoustic at Kickstarter HQ:
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"That’s the value of art or literature, hearing one person saying, 'This is what I’ve been through.'"—Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann on Writing Sad Songs
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Today's All in 1 Pick of the Day is this low-poly golf game — the creators describe it as "50 percent Atari-style mini-golf, 40 percent surreal comedy, and 9 percent rainbow ice cream":
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With her oversized, wind-inflated flower sculptures, Daniele Frazier will bring art to her community park for the very first time:
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Explore nine of New Zealand's most breathtaking sights with the help of this illustrated guidebook, our All in 1 Pick of the Day:
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More than 7,300 backers helped bring the critically acclaimed game to life.

Night in the Woods review: 90s-inspired platformer is an anarchic triumph
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With the #Goodnewspaper, Branden Harvey wants to celebrate people and movements creating positive social change. Find out how you can get involved and join this global community of people making and sharing good news:
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Ted Leo is no stranger to the road. Here, he shares some of his favorite discoveries from his latest solo tour, from the Akron Art Museum in Ohio to Dixie Dharma, his favorite vegan spot in Orlando, FL.

Ted Leo’s Guide to Hidden Gems Across the U.S.A.
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Today's All in 1 Pick of the Day is this book of street photography from homeless youth in Edmonton, Canada, created as part of Kids4Cameras' mission to provide resources for homeless youth and encourage them to share their stories.

In Motion
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Titles like The Riveter and Mary Review are "by women, for everyone."

These Women’s Magazines Aren’t Just for Women
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Just over a year ago, Manal Kahi and her brother Wissam founded Eat Offbeat, a catering company that trains home cooks of refugee status to become professional chefs. Now they're gathering their recipes and stories into an ample cookbook, with more than 20 contributors from 15 countries. Support the project and snag a copy:
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Discover the genre-defining New York No Wave artist and confrontationist Lydia Lunch in this new documentary from her longtime friend and collaborator:
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Space opera meets cosmic horror in this Lovecraftian anthology of short stories — our #allin1 Pick of the Day.

Ride the Star Wind
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In 2013, Valerie June described her music as "organic moonshine roots." Lately, she's taken to calling it "cosmic ethereal heart music."

From Kickstarter to Critical Acclaim: The Genre-Bending Music of Valerie June
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Ted Leo recently dropped by Kickstarter HQ and played us some tunes that just might be on his forthcoming album — an album he's making with the help of his fans and the Kickstarter community. ❤

Dig this as much as we do? You're in luck — there's still time to support the project:
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After six years of hosting pop-up restaurant events, the creators of Rice Paper Scissors are bringing their made-from-scratch Vietnamese comfort food to a permanent space in San Francisco:
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Time to dust off your old 35mm. This inventive camera add-on — created as part of All in 1, our open call for one-week projects — uses open-source hardware to usher analog cameras into the digital age:
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"I don’t think it’s my personality to become a public helper or a symbol for grief or sadness... It’s a weird balance I’m trying to strike between being public about it and protecting my own story." —Phil Elverum

Phil Elverum on Creating Art from Grief
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From calendar comics to handmade ceramics to a Cthulhu space opera, explore the creative projects launched as part of All in 1.

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