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Got Fish?

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Releases New Parameters for Pregnant and Breast Feeding Women. [ Link ]

#Pregnancy #BreastFeeding #Motherhood

Dr Sherry Dr. Tanya Altmann Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

FDA Recommendations on Pregnant & Breast Feeding
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Learn how to raise happy and healthy kids with psychologist Madeline Levine, PhD [ Link ]

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Things to know when white parents adopt a child of color. [ Link ]

Here a VIDEO from Beth Hall, Founder of Pact, An Adoption Alliance.

Please share to spread the word!

#Adoption #AdoptionRocks #Parenting

Children's Home Society of Washington Children's Home & LSS Adoption Lutheran Social Services Holt International Children's Services Maureen Donley, M.A., MFT Psychotherapy...
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The Kids Are Not All Right!
American teens are anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. Experts are struggling over how to help them [ Link ] – thank you Susanna Schrobsdorff from TIME

How to parenting an anxious child? Watch John Piacentini , PhD, ABPP - American Board of Professional Psychology's video
[ Link ]

#Teenagers #Anxiety #ParentingAwareness
National Institute of...
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Teen Depression & Anxiety: Kids Are Not All Alright
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Happiness expert Christine Carter on why gratitude is necessary for happiness
[ Link ]

#Happiness #Parenting #ParentingTips The Greater Good Science Center UC Berkeley
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#1 NYT best-selling author and world-renowned financial expert Suze Orman makes her children’s book debut in this story of a one-dollar bill named Billy and penny named Penny. When Billy and Penny realize that the family they live with are…

Buy The Adventures of Billy & Penny by Suze Orman now!
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Rabbi Sherre Hirsch on why wanting happiness is not enough [ Link ]

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Read this for a good laugh.
"I wish for you, baby….
Health, happiness and an Uber wait time that is always under four minutes…" [ Link ]

#NewBorn #Parenting #ParentingRocks McSweeney's

What I Wish for My Newborn Baby…
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The earlier someone uses marijuana, the more likely they are to be dependent on it. [ Link ]

Learn how to teach your kid to say no to marijuana with advice from Dr. Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP, [ Link ]

Los Angeles Times Pierre Capital Journal #Marijuana #ParentingAdvice #Parenting

Marijuana is legal in California.
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Being a good parent starts with a good night of sleep. Here are some tips to make the most of the hours of sleep you're getting! [ Link ]

#GoodSleep #ParentingTips #Parenting

Being A Good Parent Starts With A Good Night’s Sleep
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Choose people who choose you and spend more quality family time together in 2017.

Check out these affordable ideas for family activities from parent coach, Jamee Tenzer [ Link ]

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How to help your child be truly happy with advice from the founder of Be U, Inc., Cathy Cassani Adams, LCSW [ Link ]

Zen Parenting Radio #LCSW #Happiness #ParentingTips
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Today we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who followed his moral compass over anything else. Today is a great day to reflect on how to best instill values of peace, kindness, and forgiveness in our children.

Kathy Eldon, founder of Creative Visions Foundation, on providing a moral compass for our kids [ Link ]

#martinlutherking #mlkday #kidsinthehouse

Providing a moral compass for our kids
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Thank you, Peta Jane Murgatroyd for sharing the reality of a healthy post-baby body!

"The female body is incredible and resilient, but healing and strengthening take time."

Learn how to regain a positive body image after having a baby with psychologist, Dr. Jill Campbell ➡ [ Link ]

#motherhood #mother #dancingwiththestars
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Studies have shown babies who receive skin-to-skin contact with their mamas have better cardio-respiratory stability, breastfeed more, and cry less! [ Link ]

#Kids #Parenting #ParentingAwareness

4 Reasons Why You Should Mother like a Kangaroo
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Cartoon of the week – by Jerry King Cartoonist

#Parenting #Cartoon #KidsInTheHouse
"When parents believed they were lavishing praise on a kid that hadn’t earned it — or, on the other end of the spectrum, if they believed they didn’t praise them as much as they deserved — their children tended to do worse in school and to show greater symptoms of depression." [ Link ]

Learn more about how to give your child the right kind of praise ➡ [ Link ]

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A New Study Explains How to Praise Your Kid
How should you talk to your child about their adoption? Here is some great advice on a tricky topic. [ Link ]

#Adoption #ParentingAdvice #ParentingTips

How to Talk to Kids About Their Adoption
On average, children will acquire a digital identity by 6 months.

Learn how to find balance with technology with Dr. Shefali, PhD is the author of the award-winning book, The Conscious Parent [ Link ]

#DigitalNative #Tech #ParentingTips
"The bank serves 160 hospitals in 22 states as well as about 60 infants who are no longer in a hospital setting but get a prescription for milk."

Wow! That's a lot of milk! We're excited for Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin to have even more space to help babies in need!

Learn more about donor breast milk with lactation specialist, Wendy Haldeman [ Link ]

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Mothers’ Milk Bank of Austin doubles its production