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Kids In The House
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Money isn't everything kids. What are some great "BIRTHDAY" gifts/ideas that don't cost any money. The winning comment will receive a membership to for a full year. And GO!!!!! (our very own artist for Kids In The House - Jerry King)
Money isnt everything kids What are some great BIRTHDAY giftsideas that dont
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Kids In The House
Kids In The House
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Happy Monday! How many Moms and Dads need to sign up for BEER YOGA?! ENJOY!
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Kids In The House
Kids In The House
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Kids In The House
Kids In The House
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Another amazing article from Amy Williams ([ Link ]
Who knew that The Home Depot offers DIY Workshops for kids? Or Barnes & Noble will let your kids earn a free book if they read a lot?
There are 12 great ideas in this article on how to keep your kids busy this summer and save some money for
Another amazing article from Amy Williams

Summer Programs for Kids that Won't Cost Much!
Kids In The House
Kids In The House
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Kids In The House applauds this video. This is a great way to organize your family's lunches this summer and throughout the school year. It keeps things easy and makes our children become self contained making decisions by themselves. Good work!
Erika Aleman
Annie Dinsmore
Danya Christine Smith
Some inspiration on a Tuesday,
"The best things in life are on the other side
of your maximum fear" - Will Smith
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We just had a show on this topic! This is a well shot video on ADHD!
Kristy Mabe
Rosalyn L. Edwards
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What a great read!!! Making a change in our schools is important!
What a great read Making a change in our schools is important

Playworks partners with schools to make recess more than just a break in the day
Father's Day is this weekend so we thought we could share a great video with an outstanding Dad in it!
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Becky Woodall
Friendly Friday Reminder.
Friendly Friday Reminder
Comedic Relief Thursdays. America's Funniest Home Videos meets Kids In The House! Click for a laughter break.
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Tuesday Vibes!
Tuesday Vibes
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Calling all MOM"s. This looks like a great prep tool for the summer. Kids will be eating healthy with this invention!

[ Link ]
Michelle Lee Wolfe
Emily Grotts
Jennifer Hoosier Skero
Smart parents = smart kids, right? Well, that's not true 99% of the time. Here are a whopping 101 ways to make your kids smarter!
Kids In The House 06/12/2017

101 Ways to Make Your Kids Smarter - An Exhaustive List
ATTN: Funny Video Alert! We asked our subscribers who had some funny videos of their kids and got an overwhelming response. This video is the winner for this week. Please enjoy Christy Brasel-Walker's video! [ Link ]
ATTN Funny Video Alert We asked our subscribers who had some funny

Sharpie Marker Incident - I'm Not Bad
The definition of RESILIENT...
The definition of RESILIENT
Kids and baby toys