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This easy DIY teething bunny may just be the little white knight you've been looking for! >>> [ Link ]
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That's a LOT of lunches!
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Trust us, ANY of these will be a HIT this weekend ;)

30 simple bring-a-plate ideas
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Fans are going mental over Emma Watson's nod to Hermione Granger

Beauty and the Beast threw in a sneaky Harry Potter reference
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via Scary Mommy
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It looks like someone's been using their funny-powers for evil, not good.

Hilarious! This dad's texts did NOT help Mum on her first day back at work
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Matthew, from the NSW Central Coast, needed three times more antivenin than any other spider bite victim.

10-year-old boy bitten by funnel web needed 12 vials of antivenin
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The young dad had claimed that tiny Aaden slipped from his arms until police found his text messages.

Father’s chilling text to his former partner before he threw their baby off a bridge
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Little Marley may have died if a fellow student didn't come to the rescue.

Hat cords and straps banned from SA schools after shocking strangulations
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Kim Overton’s story of infertility to family as a 'solo starter' is one of the most beautiful we’ve ever read.

The surrogate birth photo that stopped us in our tracks
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We might never be able to define what a perfect relationship looks like, but we can stop one falling apart.

Tried and tested ways to resuscitate a failing relationship
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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Couple goals
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Everything you need to know about the latest Kardashian-inspired trend.

Freckle tattoos are totally a thing now (flicks hair)
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"He came across as so genuine - from the first time I met him it was like I'd known him for years.”

The sickening moment I found out my kids’ babysitter is a convicted paedophile
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When your baby goes from happy to screaming in pain in 20 minutes flat, you'll try anything to help.

I paid for help with my Reflux baby and it was the best money I ever spent
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It's meant to be there, but it's not. It's meant to be in your Instagram feed too, but it's not there. And it's not in your Facebook feed either.

Mums, there's something missing from your phone...
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The distraught mother shared the images in an effort to connect with other mums who had also lost babies. Warning: Some of these images may cause distress.

Grieving mum who shared photos of stillborn triplets called β€˜baby killer’