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#FridayFun Kids today are glued to their screens almost all the time, especially when the weekend is around the corner. This week, we’ve found you a great way to make them spend more time enjoying #FamilyFun. Click here to know how: [ Link ] #FamilyTime #FamilyFridays
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#KidZaniaDIYs We’re sure your homes are swarming with old and broken crayons, but don’t throw them away just yet. Watch the video below and learn how to recycle crayons into fun shapes that your kids won’t be able to get enough of! #DIY #Recycle #RecyclingCrayons (via ToyBoxMagic on YouTube)

DIY Crayons How to make crayons easy craft tutorial videos for kids children ToyBoxMagic

Toy Box Magic presents: a fun DIY project for kids - how to make your own crayons! DIY crayons, recycled crayons is an easy and fun craft kids can do right f...

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There’s no time like #FamilyTime. Treat yourself to a day of #FamilyFun with a whole lot of entertainment, food and Zuper offers at #KidZaniaMumbai! Save up to 15% when you pre-book #FamilyCombos two days in advance on our website.

Plan your day out with the kids here: [ Link ] #KidZaniaOffers #WeekendPlans
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#Throwback #Istanbul was renamed from #Constantinople right around this day in March, 1930. #DidYouKnow that our 16th Global Centre, KidZania Istanbul is also located there? #KidZaniaIstanbul #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #FunFacts #History #Turkey
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Happy World Water Day! #DidYouKnow that people in urban India are reported to use up to 200 litres of Water per person, per day whereas, someone living in a rural area uses 1/10th of that amount!

This year, teach your kids to start saving resources for the future. Teach them to reuse water and consume fresh water responsibly. #WorldWaterDay #KidsForACause #ConserveWater
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Ami Sanghavi Ma’am left us some heart-warming words in her review for us on Facebook. We’d like to take this opportunity to say – ZanK-U so much Ma’am and we hope to see you and your kid again soon! Read her review below. #KidZaniaReviews
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#KoolFacts #DidYouKnow Monterrey was the site of the first major battle of the Mexican-American War. Defeating Mexican troops, the American forces occupied the city for nearly two years, until June of 1848.

Dive into history when you visit our 2nd global centre, #KidZaniaMonterrey. #FunFacts
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Tuesdays have become more Masti-Full with #VodafoneTuesdays Buy 1, Get 1 FREE! Know more about the offer here:[ Link ] #ThankGodItsTuesday Vodafone India
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“Once upon a time, I put out a fire like a Firefighter, wrote a story for the city newspaper like a Journalist, fixed my best dish yet just like a Chef and delivered smiles at lunchtime like a Dabbawala.”

Kids can be anything they wish as long as they can imagine it. This #WorldStorytellingDay celebrate by igniting the imagination of your young storyteller. #HappyWorldStorytellingDay
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A #DIY dedicated to the moms and dads who put aside some time everyday to put together their to-do lists. Make yourself a handy notepad in minutes which won't just be perfect for you but will also serve as spare art supplies for your kids on-the-go! Watch below. #KidZaniaDIYs (via Smitha Katti on YouTube)

Recycled Paper Notepad, Cereal box DIY, Earth Day

Reuse and recycle printed paper, used envelopes, empty cereal boxes to make easy notepads to write your lists on! All you really need is glue and a paper tri...

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Have a birthday coming up in the family? If your kid is all about movies, we have the perfect Birthday theme for them! Choose the KidZania CelebZ package and we'll arrange the rest from themed invites, personalized cake and special activities!

You can choose from a range of themed parties. Learn more and contact us here: [ Link ]
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Obey traffic rules as you drive around the streets of #KidZaniaMumbai and explore our city. Note: You need to have your Driver's License first. Minimum age for Driving School is 4 years old.
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Lisbon's famous pastry - Pastel de Belem is so beloved that its secret recipe is only known by 5 men and they take every precaution to keep it that way.

Try this delicious pastry when you're visiting #KidZaniaLisbon, our 6th global centre. #KoolFacts
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Gardening is a fun activity for both you and your kids. Introduce your kids to growing plants starting with herbs in your balcony or flower bed. Give them a chance to water the plants, talk to them and watch them grow.

The activity will not only strengthen your bond but also bring out their nurturing and calm side. #BondBetter
The More The Merrier. Treat yourself to a day of #FamilyFun with special discounts! Save upto 15% when you pre-book Family Combos two days in advance on our website.

Plan your day out with the kids here: [ Link ] #KidZaniaOffers
Back in August 2011, a post office like no other was formally launched – a Floating Post Office. Floating over the turquoise waters of Dal Lake this has become a tourist attraction on its own. #ThrowbackThursday #FunFacts #TBT
Looking for ways to keep your kid active and away from the TV? Here are 5 Kool activities to make them have fun while they exercise! #WeeklyKool5 #Top5 #KidsActivities
Put your kids first but don't forget to include yourself on the priority list. The best #ParentingTip sometimes is just to find time for yourself. Start small and build your needs into your schedule. Introduce them to some of your hobbies, nap while the kids do or pamper yourself at the spa while they are busy role-playing with their friends at KidZania.
#KoolFacts Lisbon's famous pastry - Pastel de Belem is so beloved that its secret recipe is only known by 5 men and they take every precaution to keep it that way.

Try this delicious, traditional pastry when you're visiting #KidZaniaLisbon, our 6th global centre.