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That feeling when you think of all the awesome deals you found on Kijiji this weekend.
Kijiji Canada
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We just found out our Uncle Joe’s been wrong about car transmissions for years. Maybe we shouldn’t take car advice from a man who can barely drive a golf cart...

Transmissions 101: Standard vs. Automatic
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If you’re gonna go for a #ThrowbackThursday table-top hockey, why not go all the way? Splurge on the Top Corner with Slapshot Power Control!
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Spoiler alert: spelling mistakes won’t get you hired.

How to Write a Great Student Resume
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It’s the thought that counts, so why not treat your valentine to a ton of sweet thoughts? Follow the steps below to make a love-filled, homemade Valentine’s Day gift – a Kijiji Love Bowl!
The cool thing about @theterriblephotographer’s desk is that it can transition into a reading/knitting/chilling spot for a #LazySunday
Here’s a tough choice between two tough rides: the Ford F150 VS the Dodge Ram. We’re sure you have a favourite between these two sturdy pickup trucks. Vote for your favourite model and wheel out your best arguments in the comments!
That feeling when you sell something without lowering your asking price.
Turn your next snow day into a fun-filled family journey with our indoor (and outdoor!) activity suggestions.

10 Ways to Entertain Kids on a Snow Day
The #KijijiFind in this pic is the slide, but the real star here is the adorable Adam. Thanks for the pic, @adventuring_withadam!
Looking to sell fast? No stress, bro. Let our “Urgent & Reduced” feature help you sell your stuff in no time.

The fastest way to sell
Hosting a Super Bowl Party? Remember the golden rule: The bigger the TV, the more beer your friends will bring.

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One thing’s for sure: we tend to lose our mittens a lot less when they’re tied together by a string. #TBT
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There are 10 items on this list, but here’s the most important one: you can turn a broken hockey stick into a bottle opener. Find out how right now!

10 Things to do with Broken Hockey Sticks
Oh, Uncle Joe… Our well-meaning, know-it-all relative thinks he’s a car expert. For example, he thinks the “quarter test” is a foolproof way to check if used winter tires are still good to go. We’re not so sure.

What to Look for in Used Tires
Empty your closet and fill your wallet with this clothes-selling guide!

How to Resell Your Clothes Online
A cat, some wall inspiration, a cozy bed… Looks like @marieplessard’s got her #LazySunday plans all figured out.
It won’t be too cold this weekend, so it’s the perfect time to head outside! We’re lacing up our skates - what outdoor activity is in your weekend plans?
With temperatures between -1 and -6 degrees and just a little bit of snow, it sounds like the perfect weekend for an outdoor skating session. Lace up your skates and get thee to Canal Rideau!
We wanted to do a #TBT to the era when vinyl and turntables were all the rage, but it turns out they’re more popular than ever. Get some on Kijiji - all the cool kids are doing it!
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