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How ironic. The very ones yelling the most about racism, sexism, and bigotry are the very ones harboring racist, sexist, and bigoted views. Of course, there will be no outrage from the media. Because racist views from Democrats are ok. It's only supposed racist views from Republicans that they are offended by.
2 Words Liberal Hypocrisy ..

'Hamilton' Star Under Fire for 'Racist,' 'Sexist' Tweets

Liberal Hypocrisy
Think Melania will get over it?
Kayne West jumped on the trump train :p
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Liberal Hypocrisy

Interesting. Truth
LMAO she doesn´t even know what she´s talking about
i prefer coca cola anyways :p
pretty clear
you wannabe "funny" comedians that´s what you deserve.
let me add my boooooooo to it.

Wanda Sykes flips bird as she is booed off stage for anti-Trump rant

Perfect example of why we need to close the border and deport every illegal they burn the american flag they get a free ride to the border and drop kicked across it..
And much more to come folks.
so now the news approved that Michael Moore is funding and organizating this violent riots.... among with Rev Al Sharpton and George Soros what a piece of Sh* .. same people that paid fake clinton protestors at trump rallys.