yesterday at 15:08. Facebook
Our Kingfisher Calendar Girl of March 2015 brings sultry back, from the enchanting sites of Turkey! Just 2 more days till the launch of the March edition of #KingfisherCalendar2017.
02/26/2017 at 11:45. Facebook
Striking a daring pose here, is our March Girl of 2011 on the rocks of Rochester Falls, Mauritius.
We're down to 3 days till our March edition of #KingfisherCalendar2017 goes live!
02/25/2017 at 12:54. Facebook
Throwback to when our March girl of 2010 brought the oomph to the scenic beaches of the Maldives! And now we're counting down the 4 days till our March girl for 2017 is finally here! #KingfisherCalendar2017
02/24/2017 at 07:55. Facebook
The Kingfisher Calendar girl of March 2005 teases us with an immaculate pose against the striking backdrop of South Africa.
We are 5 days away from the unveiling of the March girl for 2017! #KingfisherCalendar2017
02/24/2017 at 07:37. Facebook
#Pune, we're bringing all the foodies to your city this Sunday! Enjoy the greatest food shopping experience, grab a bite of the most lip-smacking cuisines and groove to the chillest music.
Catch all this and more at the Pune Farmers' Market by Karen Anand on 26th February with #KFBuzz!
02/21/2017 at 16:58. Facebook
Mumbai was witness to a very fun weekend with the #UltraIndianDerby taking place. Think show-stopping performances, mouth-watering food, and the stars of the hit short film 'Half Ticket' coming down to the event. Everybody had an #UltraSmoothUltraEasy time and it was an #UltraIndianDerby to remember.
#Kolkata, witness the most epic party of the year on 18th February as DJ SNAKE takes the stage along with Nucleya!
Here's your shot at winning tickets - If you could show DJ SNAKE the #GoodTimes in Kolkata, what would you do or where would you take him? Best answers win! #SunburnWithKF
#Hyderabad, DJ SNAKE is bringing one of the biggest parties, to your city on 17th February along with Nucleya! Here's a chance for you to win tickets - If you could show DJ SNAKE the #GoodTimes in Hyderabad, what would you do or where would you take him? Best answers win big! #SunburnWithKF
Here's your chance to win your very own #KingfisherCalendar2017!
1) Open the link below. Create and submit your own #KingfisherCalendar2017 by choosing your favourite Calendar Girls from the 15 Kingfisher Calendars.
2) Best entries get handpicked by Atul Kasbekar himself and win their very own #KingfisherCalendar2017!

Participate in the Make Your Calendar contest!
#Pune, gear up for the most fabulous time at ZaPalooza this weekend with #KFBuzz! It's the grooviest flea market in town with the newest fashion, the tastiest food, the smoothest music and the coolest art. Are you excited yet?
The wait is over! Introducing the Kingfisher Calendar girl of February 2017, striking a stunning pose against the majestic backdrop of Mykonos! #KingfisherCalendar2017

View more here:
Bust a move like never before with Kingfisher Buzz; because Life is Fun! #FeelTheBuzz
Our Kingfisher Calendar girl of February 2007 sets the French Riviera on fire! We're only 1 day away from when the February girl for 2017 takes the spotlight! #KingfisherCalendar2017
Our Kingfisher Calendar girl of February 2012 looks striking amidst the serene locales of Negombo, Sri Lanka.
We can't wait for 2 more days till the February girl for 2017 is here! #KingfisherCalendar2017
Our Kingfisher Calendar girl of February 2014 struck a bold pose in the stunning waters of Boracay, Philippines.
Just 3 more days to go till the February girl for 2017 is here! #KingfisherCalendar2017
Our February girl from the Kingfisher Calendar of 2011 makes for an unforgettable sight against the beautiful backdrop of Mauritius!
Only 4 more days till the February girl for 2017 arrives! #KingfisherCalendar2017
Shot on the magnificent beaches of Thailand, with Yana Gupta as our February girl, the Kingfisher Calendar of 2004 was a sight to see.
Just 5 more days till we unveil the February girl for 2017! #KingfisherCalendar2017
To the greatest nation of them all - cheers India! #ProudToBeIndian
Get ready to watch the ultimate premiere on the 26th of January as "M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story" premieres on Star Plus at 1:00 P.M! #KFCelebratesDhoni