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Our 2017 operating calendar is now available. Plan your visits now! Operating days and hours: [ Link ].
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The Vortex celebrates its 30th anniversary this season. It was the first roller coaster in the world to send riders through six inversions when it debuted in 1987. Share if you have ridden this attraction during a visit to Kings Island.
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Join the Kings Island Team! Job opportunities are currently available in all areas of park operation for the 2017 season, which begins April 15. Learn more --
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Opening Day is just 90 days away! Share if April 15 can't come soon enough.
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The new Mystic Timbers roller coaster will make its highly anticipated debut in the spring. Here's a look back at how the ride was introduced to the world last summer.
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Kings Island begins its 45th anniversary season April 15. Come have fun! Details – [ Link ]
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Early morning view of the new Mystic Timbers roller coaster set to debut this spring. The 109-foot-tall ride features 16 airtime moments through wooded terrain along 3,265 feet of track at speeds up to 53 mph with a mystery: What's in the shed?
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Opening Day at Kings Island

The rebuilding of cars for the Beast roller coaster trains is underway in the wood coaster maintenance shop.
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Coasterstock III

Tonight's the last chance to save on a season of fun! The price on a Gold Season Pass goes up at midnight. Learn more -- [ Link ]
Coasterstock returns May 19-20. This two-day event features hours of exclusive morning and night ride time for coaster aficionados on the new Mystic Timbers, Banshee, The Beast and Diamondback roller coasters, plus other popular attractions; behind the scenes experiences, FunPix, guest speakers and more! Details: [ Link ]

Coasterstock | Kings Island
Planning a group outing at Kings Island has never been easier! Learn more – [ Link ]
Opening Day is just 100 days away! Share if April 15 can't come soon enough.
By the time workmen complete construction on Mystic Timbers, they will have used approximately 330,000 board feet of southern yellow pine lumber; 30,000 pounds of nails; 88,000 bolts and washers and 5,500 cubic yards of concrete for the foundation. Themed to an abandoned lumber company, the 109-foot-tall wooden roller coaster will feature 16 airtime moments through wooded terrain along 3,265...
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4,000 jobs up for grabs at Kings Island. Learn more --
A last look back at 2016 at Kings Island. It was a fun and memorable year! Who's ready for 2017 and the new Mystic TImbers roller coaster and the return of WinterFest?
The Vortex will celebrate its 30th anniversary season in 2017. This is an artist rendering of the ride released prior to the start of construction in 1986. Share if you have ridden this coaster during a visit to Kings Island.