Kirks Originals
03/24/2017 at 06:00. Facebook
We're flipping out for some delicious Kirks Creaming Soda!
Sometimes Kirks calls for a little class!
We found what the leprechaun was hiding at the bottom of the rainbow...
Name a more iconic duo...we'll wait!
Admit it, we've all got that Kirks dark side
Two classics, together at last!
How about a Kirks on the rocks?
You know the drill...
Honey, we shrunk the Kirks!
Forgotten to get your valentine the perfect romantic gift? Look no further
Cheers to the Opera House, almost as iconic as our Ginger Beer!
There's the wrong way...and then there's the Kirks way!
Kirks Lemon Squash...The perfect accessory to your summer dress
This summer why not try Pasito, guava nectar and strawberries for a tangy tropical treat!
Grab yourself a slab for the perfect Australia Day barbie!
Life is all about balance!
Give your pineapple juice a kick with some Kirks Ginger Beer!
When life gives you money, spend it on Kirks
Catch a break with Pasito!