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Friday night on Bainbridge Island by Pam Sproul. Weather alerts and updates at
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The teenage daughter of a family held at gunpoint in their home used social media to help nab one of the three intruders.

Police: Victim uses Facebook to help catch home invasion suspect
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A senator broke a glass table when he smashed his gavel on its surface to stop the testimony of an intern.

Texas state senator smashes glass table with gavel during hearing on abortion bill
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It may be time to update those geography books.

Scientists claiming there is a new continent: 'Zealandia'
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A restaurant closed to participate in "A Day Without Immigrants" -- meant to show the impact immigrants have on the economy.

When the restaurant's workers returned, they found hate-filled messages on their door. “I think it's mighty little of the people that did it."

Restaurant receives hate for participating in 'Day Without Immigrants'
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A woman was killed yesterday in a "dangerous" crosswalk in Tukwila, near Southcenter Mall. Deborah Horne investigates & reports on KIRO 7 News at 6:30 p.m.:
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Neo-Nazi posters have popped up on the campus of the University of Washington. Natasha Chen reports.

Neo-Nazi posters pop up at UW campus
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Colors of twilight. ❤ Washington state is so beautiful.

From Blanca C. Braun Photography.
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Gun rights advocates openly carrying firearms gathered in downtown Atlanta Saturday for a rally in support of President Donald J. Trump.

Trump supporters rally with semi-automatic firearms
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“Knowing you could be ripped from your family at any time is a lot. It takes a toll on you.”

Siemny Kim reports on a 'Deportation Awareness Forum' held today in Tacoma, for KIRO 7 News at 5 p.m.:

Deportation forum held in Tacoma, Wash.
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Eric Piggott hiked Mailbox Peak for his birthday this week -- to replace a missing, legendary mailbox with a donated one from Bellevue. ☁

Wash. man hikes Mailbox Peak on birthday, replaces missing mailbox with donated one
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“I think I hold anger not at the fact that I was injured as much as the fact that she saw that and then made the choice to leave."

Teen says she was pinned against her car by pickup truck while pumping gas
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LIVE: President Donald J. Trump spoke at rally in Florida today. Watch the rally, recorded live here, and share your thoughts.

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Supporters including the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife cite death threats received by state employees, ranchers and others. They say the measure is needed to protect those who deal with wolves.

Wash. bill advances that would exempt some info about wolf attacks
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A huge storm parked itself over Southern California and unloaded -- ravaging roads, opening sinkholes and leading to the deaths of at least two people.

2 dead, torrents of rain slam Southern California, opening sinkholes
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President Donald J. Trump took to Twitter to slam "The FAKE NEWS media," saying it "is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!"

Trump calls media 'enemy of the American people,' singling out New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN
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Pretty as a postcard. <3 Snow in Wash. mountains! Current images from the Mount Rainier National Park web cameras. What's it look like where you are?
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A woman and her dog have been reunited -- seven years after she says someone stole him.

Dog stolen 7 years ago reunited with owner
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During World War II, when Japanese Americans were forced into internment camps, Seattle's Panama Hotel allowed storage of their belongings in the basement.

Some returned to collect them after the war; many didn’t. Watch KIRO 7 News at 5 p.m. to see how the West Coast is marking the executive order's anniversary.

PHOTOS: The historic Panama Hotel in Seattle
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"We have always had very good experience, at least in Germany, with mutual respect."

Germany's Merkel backs free press amid Trump media criticism