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As some of you know I have been going through a very difficult time recently. It has taken forever, but I have finally written it all down. I hope that in reading my story it may help other women, whether it is you, your mother, sister or girlfriend and maybe inspire others to push for second opinions and further tests. Despite being told by 4 doctors my lump was benign, I insisted on a biopsy...
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Standing In My Mother's Shoes ....

Remember I said something magical was coming soon? Well.......... Cinematographer Devin Schiro was out filming on location yesterday breathing life into the Wonderland book. Here's a little teaser screen shot of what was happening deep in the woods. To say I'm excited is possibly the understatement of the century :D

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....... Something rather magical will be happening in LA later today ;) ... more about this coming soon <3
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Instagram photo by Devin Schiro • Dec 6, 2016 at 12:46am UTC

Today I'm leaving my studio. I've packed up endless props, test prints, and costumes dusted with powder paint and mud. I arrived at this place with nothing, after I'd given up my career as a fashion designer to follow my dreams and see if I could survive as an independent artist. It's been emotional digging back through all this stuff - the first magazines the pictures were ever featured in,...
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I'm so thrilled to say that the brand new 2nd Edition of the Wonderland Book has finally been released! Here are a few proper pictures of the cover I designed, complete with deboss stamping and traditional gold foil. You can purchase copies for immediate dispatch from my website or Amazon UK via this link - [ Kirstymitchellphotography.com Link ] (both ship worldwide with the lowest postage...
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Today I shipped number 17 out of the 25 very special bronze key Collector's Edition Wonderland Books. These pieces have always remained proof to myself that we should never compromise or give up on a dream. Four years ago a very famous publisher actually laughed at me in a meeting when I told them about my plans for the bronze key. They said no one would ever invest in such a high end book and...
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First tiny glimpse at the new 2nd Edition of the Wonderland Book <3 It feels so worth all the hours it took for me to design the new cover whilst juggling my little son, it nearly tipped me over the edge during the process! The gold foil really glimmers, but is sadly so hard to capture on camera.Thank you for all the excited messages coming in from everyone receiving their books over the last few days I've really enjoyed reading them xx For those of you yet to receive your books, the final delivery of the pre-orders are leaving today, so you will have your packages shortly :) . I'll be posting proper pictures of the cover and the inside very soon as well as information about the general release date for those of you who missed the pre-order deadline. The Wall Street Journal has already requested a copy to review!
Finally for those of you asking about dust jackets for 1st editions, I'm waiting on delivery dates from the factory. I'm hoping to get them as quickly as possible. I'll post information on here as soon as I know more details x
This week it will have been 8 years since I lost my mother. The passing of time and seasons was something that had always underpinned the narrative of the Wonderland series and always given me the hope that I could move on when I was struggling. Over the last two months I've spent time walking in the woods trying to calm myself down and deal with what has been happening with my own health, and...
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Very proud that the special Limited Edition box set of the Wonderland Book has received an honorable mention in the Professional Fine Art Book category at this years International Photography Awards! 17,000 photographers submitted from 162 countries.
The set can be viewed in a video / purchased here - [ Kirstymitchellphotography.com Link ] Pre-orders for the 2nd Edition Standard Book are...
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Finally back from printing the book in Italy and now laying out the pages for final approval, so production can move to the binders next week. This is just a small selection of the 463 pages!
The book can still be pre-ordered here - [ Kirstymitchellphotography.com Link ]
Thats a wrap!!! The 2nd Edition of The Wonderland Book has now been printed! .... Totally broken, but so thrilled. Hard to believe last time I was here my little Finch was in my tummy and now he's here with me! <3 :D
Earlier today we were on the production line checking the huge 3 page foldouts for the book (80cm wide). These are my favourite part of the book and something I always get so nervous about seeing. Luckily everything was perfect with the first tests and the colours were absolutely glorious. Here's a little phone clip of us checking the prints, and the machine in action. You can pre-order the...
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Just approved the huge 3 page foldouts on the production line. So excited and relieved they look amazing! It's always such a tense moment for me when these particular ones go to press. As always I'm driving everyone crazy pushing for the best colour on each run, being a pain in the butt! :) You can pre-order the book here - [ Kirstymitchellphotography.com Link ]
(I'll upload a video of these soon)
A little clip of us checking the big double page crops in the factory, including the new revised Ghost Swift page. I'll be uploading a few more videos today, including footage of the huge 3-page foldouts (which looked absolutely stunning). Still working like crazy, but printing is going really well .... all the colours look incredible! :D
You can Pre-order the book here - [...
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Progress shots of the book coming to life while we are here printing in Italy. <3 The 2nd Edition of the Wonderland book can be pre-ordered here -[ Kirstymitchellphotography.com Link ]
Still working in the book factory, still printing .... it's 1am .... absolutely exhausted, but its super exciting too. I'll post pictures and videos soon!
We have arrived in Italy, and are working on final corrections for the book. We start printing in a few hours!!!!!!!!!
The book can be pre-ordered here [ Kirstymitchellphotography.com Link ]
So excited I had to share this rushed little phone video with you all! I just received the first artwork test of my book cover design for the 2nd Edition. It took 1 month to hand draw (whilst my son napped!) and is covered in tiny gold foil details, mermaids, and glittering candles. This is just a paper print out, but it gives you a really good idea of how it will look. I sampled two colours,...
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Photos of the interior pages of The Wonderland Book and special Limited Edition / Collector's box sets. The book weighs 5kg, 37cm x 28cm and 480 pages (very big!)
Books can now be bought here, it can be shipped worldwide to all countries - [ Kirstymitchellphotography.com Link ]
Pre-orders for the 2nd Edition of The Wonderland Book have now opened. You can buy the book here - [ Kirstymitchellphotography.com Link ] .
We leave for Italy this weekend and will be printing the book from Monday onwards. If you wish to guarantee yourself a copy please pre-order now as the print run is limited to the amount of paper we have booked with the factory. The 1st Edition has now...
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