As many of you will know from my previous posts and clips on Instagram, I'm currently preparing for my first solo show in the US. It is going to be held in the historic estate of the Paine Art Center and Gardens, a beautiful mansion house art museum which has previously exhibited the works of Matisse, Ansel Adams and the Impressionist painters. The show will contain 19 large scale pieces,...
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Melody Wainscott
Debra Kay
Laura Scher
Today we sold the 20th precious Collector's Edition of the Wonderland book, there are now only 5 remaining before they are gone forever and the mould for the bronze key is destroyed. I still get goosebumps every time I help package one of these sets and sign the certificates, it's an extraordinary feeling that after so many years I was able to bring this book and the key to life. The last...
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Kirsty Mitchell Photography
Kirsty Mitchell Photography
Kirsty Mitchell Photography
I'm currently in the process of signing off all the prints for my museum solo show in the US, opening on June 17th. I'll be releasing all the details on here shortly, plus a video of the pieces at my printers. Until then, for quick little daily clips you can join me on Instagram to see how it's all going :) - [ Link ] xx
Im currently in the process of signing off all the prints for
Shardai Milham
Tamaraann Kurpecky
Joan Bevan Webb
As I mentioned before, I am about to move into an entirely new home /work space to finally begin my new series. After the shock of being diagnosed with breast cancer 8 months into becoming a mother for the first time, I wanted (and needed) to do something that would help inspire my next project and allow me to immerse myself in the mood of what I plan to create. So we have decided to shake off...
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Jeremy Ellsworth
Alison Vainlo
Kirstin Malmquist Mayberry
!!! What a find !!!!
Over the past few weeks I've begun location scouting and generally hiking as much as I can in the woods to help visualise the new series, and also reconnect with myself and the landscape. During this time I've been filming a video diary of what I've been up to and the amazing things I've found. I'm going to start uploading these as short clips on my new instagram account...
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Adam Wright
Candy Miller Belanger
Debbie Ledgerwood
Wishing you all a wonderful Easter !! <3 x
'The Lullaby of May' The Wonderland Series, 2010.

[ Link ]
Instagram - [ Link ]
Wishing you all a wonderful Easter 3 x The Lullaby of May
Gallagher Patrick
Sarah Kern
Antonia Stevensen
Facebook just reminded me that It's almost two years to the day that I gave this interview. I thought I would repost it here for those of you who still may not know the origins of the Wonderland series or how I create my pieces. It's a little surreal to hear myself talk about the plans for the book before it ever materialised, I had no idea what was about to happen or how life changing the...
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Stéfanie Donau
Chantal Larocque
Anita Vaughan
Richard-Wakefield Photography the filmmaker for all The Wonderland Series videos, just created this little animation of 'The Queen's Armada' coming to life! One of my big regrets will always be that we weren't making professional films of the shoots back in the very early days of the series. This will always be one of my favourite scenes, I wish we had captured the queen walking around in...
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Kirsty Mitchell Photography
Marci Neighbors
Eric Wilmore
I never usually post anything on this page that is separate to my photography, but seeing as so many of you own the Wonderland book, you will also know how precious my relationship is with Elbie Van Eeden. Elbe is the hair and make-up artist for the series, someone who I met as a stranger and now love as a sister. Over the last week she has just had her first child (a little boy named Eeden)...
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I never usually post anything on this page that is separate to
Kirsty Mitchell Photography
Elbie Bayley
Donna Michelle
Printing exhibition pieces from The Wonderland Series. These are 2 meters high, shot with a Nikon D800E. I will be announcing details about a show in the US soon, finally some of my American friends will be able to see the works in real life! You can follow more behind the scenes on my brand new Instagram here - [ Link ]

For gallery print enquiries - [...
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Tiffany Zabinski
Steve Harrington
Phoebe Hofsteede
Current View .... Back out in the woods, location scouting, gathering pieces to make new props... heart and mind on fire with ideas. 2 weeks to go till I can start work on my new series.... feeling so inspired and excited! # new series #newbeginnings #kirstymitchellphotography
Hannah Bowden
Marla Lattimore
Susan Shoemaker
**First Edition Dust Jackets** For those of you waiting by your computers, the second batch of dust jackets has just been released and can be purchased here - [ Link ] . Thank you for all your lovely feedback and excitement about the jackets. I'm very happy to hear they have been so well received ! 3 If you missed it, there is a little video of the jackets in my...
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First Edition Dust Jackets For those of you waiting by your computers
Mark Dawkins
Sheila Wolk
Lisa Waugh
FIRST EDITION, WONDERLAND BOOK DUST JACKETS! Well, they are finally ready for sale and look absolutely gorgeous <3 I'm thrilled with the quality and hope that for those of you who requested this special version of the Second Edition artwork, that you will be as pleased with them as I am. They are made from high quality thick laminated paper, and have the same gold foil stamping as the Second Edition covers. The base colour is matched to the dark blue of the original book, so it compliments it beautifully when the book is wrapped. The jackets will be available to buy from noon on Monday 6th of March via this link - [ Link ]. We are selling them at just £6.99 so they are as affordable as possible for everyone. All further details regarding shipping will be explained on the shop page when the listing goes live. I've attached some photos in the comments below as well...
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Kirsty Mitchell Photography
Kirsty Mitchell Photography
Kirsty Mitchell Photography
Featured by Faerie Magazine <3
Featured by Faerie Magazine 3
Do You Bee-lieve?
Mariann Grace
Alison Vainlo
Today is my first day of taking Tamoxifen, the hormone therapy drug that is the final stage of treatment for my breast cancer. I'll have to take it for 10 years which feels pretty daunting, but I'll happily accept that over chemotherapy or my cancer ever coming back again. I'm doing well, I'm cancer free and finally on the path to creating new work again. Spring has arrived in the UK and this...
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Today is my first day of taking Tamoxifen the hormone therapy drug
Toni Frost
Sharon Roach
Beth Walker
NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL !! This month I'm gearing up to beginning work on my new series. So I'm setting up new social media profiles including Instagram ([ Link ] and Youtube so you can join me on my new adventures :D. I've had my films on Vimeo for years, but thought it was time they were on Youtube as well, so here's a link to one of my favourite behind the scenes films from the...
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NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL This month Im gearing up to beginning work on

The Fade of Fallen Memories

Behind the Scenes footage of "The Fade Of Fallen Memories" taken from The Wonderland Series. To learn more about the 7 year project, or to buy the best selli...

FA Arpit Khandelwal
Brodie Sián Taberner
Kite Vision
Wonderland featured in The The Telegraph magazine today! Really thrilled, it looks lovely The book is available here [ Link ] or on Amazon Prime if you are in the UK #thewonderlandseries #telegraph #thewonderlandbook #kirstymitchellphotography
Susan Brooks
Bridgett Drummond
Lorna Smith
Really looking forward to seeing tomorrow's edition of The Telegraph. Wonderland is being featured for the magazine's 'Bigger Picture' spread with these four pieces. Grab a copy if you're in the UK :D ! I've also (finally, finally) joined instagram, you can join me here - [ Link ] x
Really looking forward to seeing tomorrows edition of The Telegraph Wonderland is
Hannah Dare Walker
Alison Vainlo
INSTAGRAM!!! so I did it, I have finally, finally joined Instagram !! [ Link ]. I may be the last photographer on the planet to have done so, but I made it at last ..... Are you ready for some magic? ;)
To watch the full film of this shoot please visit - [ Link ]
I'm looking forward to sharing more adventures with you all, and a behind the scenes...
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Kirsty Mitchell Photography
Kirsty Mitchell Photography
Ana Ince
So it's over. Today I walked away from my last ever radiotherapy session, back down the same corridors that 5 months ago I dragged myself through after being diagnosed with breast cancer. This time I looked up instead of staring at the floor, this time I smiled instead of crying, this time I am cancer free.
I just wanted to say that after what I have been through, to anyone on the starting...
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So its over Today I walked away from my last ever radiotherapy
Susan Brashear
Sue Phillips
Talina Sue Johnson