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Did we miss anything? Tell us the #StuffYourMumSays below

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mum's out there!
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Remember to be nice to your Mum cause they're the ones that know all your embarrassing stories!

⚠ ⚠ WARNING ⚠ ⚠

Attempting the Cup Blowing Challenge may cause all of Sunday to disappear.

Forget Bottle Flipping, now it’s all about the Cup Blowing Challenge
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We might be losing an hour, but it's not all bad... In the words of Drake #MoreLife
#ClocksGoForward ⏰
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✈ KISS presents SNK Marbella! ✈

We've got the ULTIMATE party for your Saturday night out in Marbs

Don’t miss this sell out night with sets from KISS DJs including Rickie & Melvin, Philip George, TS7 and Shortee Blitz, bringing the biggest floorfillers and club tunes to Aqwa Mist across the Summer!

Get tickets here
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BIG UP BALANG giving us that Friday Feeling!
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You've spoken, and the winner of #KISSPOWERRANGERS Power Mixer comp with @PowerRangersMovieUK is...

⚡DJ Rachel Kay!

Don't forget to check out Power Rangers Movie, in cinemas today!
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You've got until 8am to enter this EPIC comp!

Don't miss out, text WIN to 64100! ✈☀

T&Cs here
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Got nobody to take selfies with?!

Melvin's found a company that can help you!
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