Brrr! We've shared a few photos from a midwinter wander on our blog, so please do have a peek if you're fancying a trip to Narnia!

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Put up a wee blog post this morning explaining why we haven't posted since June amongst photos of new deer friends. ❤
It's a pretty foggy day. Found a corner that still looks like autumn and had red leaves on the tree (shouldn't have been half as excited as I was about it!)
When you wake up in Narnia. ❄
The days are now short, the mornings are hazy and bite at your nose. Leaves crunch underfoot as nature slows down to sleep through the winter. Summer is but a memory, tucked away for another year.

But I still wanted to share one last summery photo before the torrent of autumnal shots take over. Bicycles make everything that little bit more photogenic (so thank-you to the owner who left their...
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“Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”
I remember when the bush was shorter than I was. I would crouch in front of it giggling at the impending leap I was about to spring through my legs as I star-jumped and gave my goofiest wave. It was always greeted with a laugh and a smile which was my cue to run for the gate, throw open the kitchen door and go and hug her. She sat there every day, the bush framing her window as she’d gaze out....
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✨ Expecto Patronum. ✨
I feel like I owe an explanation for my absence. Saying, "Life is busy" seems like an understatement. It's been that kind of go-go-go that slowly eats away at your energy reserves and makes you feel like your head isn't even on your shoulders.

So this afternoon there was finally "nothing" to do, I was up to date with everything and I couldn't get out the door quickly enough. Have you ever...
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Good morning!

We've shared a wee adventure and recipe over on the blog today to do with wild garlic foraging. Wish you could all smell how amazing the woods really were, but the photos will have to do for now!

What seasonal favourites do you like to forage?
Just because sometimes it feels too easy to give up on something. Keep going, on whatever it is, you'll get there. <3
March has completely run away and once again, I find myself feeling a bit glum for not spending more time online sharing photos and stories or talking to you. I'm really hoping life plateaus a bit soon because I'm working hard on so many things and feel like my head is on backwards.

This past weekend Nathan was really sick with some kind of flu. He'd been home from work with a high...
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Making friends with little ghosts in the fog.

If you like deer, the odd (terrible) pun and outdoorsy shots, then please do feel free to come and say hello on Instagram: [ Link ]
For you to start your week.
It's a cold and frosty start here in the UK. Very happy it's nearly the weekend though, this week has been far too long and I'm in desperate need of some quiet time and photo planning. What have you been up to this week?
We spent some time on the coast this weekend. Unfortunately the weather conditions were too bad to be out for long but we managed to at least take a few photos in the wind and hail.

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Hope that your week starts off nicely for you! ❤
It looks more like autumn again outside.
For you to start your week.
Spot the stag! Yes, I am officially fully morphed into crazy-deer-lady-photographer-creature.

In case you missed it yesterday, we put up a few little photos up on the blog: [ Link ]

Hope you're having a super week!
I wouldn't mind living here. Finally got a little new post up on the blog to start this bitterly cold week off: [ Link ]

Stay warm and have a lovely Monday!