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Kiwi Bacon
12/05/2016 at 23:30. Facebook
We make some damn good bacon, but hey, some people like to DIY it. Bacon lovers Christmas present?

Make your own Bacon | Firebox.com - Shop for the Unusual

Movie night just got better. Kettle corn popcorn + bacon = sweet and savoury genius. Be right back – just need to go make this now.
It may be mini but it packs some flavoursome punch! Check out our delicious bacony take on the dinner table staple – the meatloaf: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Move over PB & J, we’ve got the newest spread in town. Bacon jam. Yes, it’s delicious – find out how to make it here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Although it’s slightly warmer outside, it’s never too warm for hot bacon covered fries! Make your Mondays awesome with this for lunch.
So, the world record of 182 bacon slices eaten in five minutes is still unbeaten. That’s a lot of bacon – even for us! Reckon you’d be able to get close?
Love bacon? Love brushing your teeth? Love brushing your teeth with bacon-flavoured toothpaste? Check it out here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Piggy in the middle – we love our middle bacon! It’s the most versatile of our cuts, which makes it perfect for the brekkie BLT in our opinion. Would you agree?

The Classic Blt Slider - Kiwibacon

With the days getting longer, our Free-Farmed pigs are enjoying a little bit more of that sunshine outside.
Boiled eggs. Guacamole. Bacon. Do we really need to explain how important it is that you try this?
Keep warmer than a rasher in the pan this winter by wrapping up in a streaky scarf. Pick up one of your own here.

Bacon Scarf for All

Seen this yet? The best emoji in the history of the world is making its way to your phones today. It's true. Look at it.
We think our place is pretty special and apparently others do too - with Patoa Farms winning the Supreme Award at the North Canterbury Business Awards.

Pork farm reigns supreme

Ditch the sides - Dad deserves the best. Happy Father’s Day.
Pigs love a bit of mud but they’re actually pretty clean animals too. They get the best of both worlds at Patoa Farms, in Christchurch, where they can run around outside – rain or shine.
Turn those last rashers of streaky bacon into a winter treat for two in under 20 minutes. Check out the recipe to get your mouth watering.

Fresh Asparagus And Bacon Toasted Roll-ups - Kiwi Bacon

Our pigs might not know what Free Farmed means, but they love what it gets them - a backyard like this that they can explore to their heart's content.
Forget ice cream cones, our go-to winter treat is a hot chocolate cone with bacon sprinkles for added sweet and savoury goodness. Have we missed any other essential toppings?
Salted caramel and crispy bacon cupcakes are the perfect combination of sweet versus salty. Would you give them a go?
This sounds like our kind of guy! A British man recently changed his name from Simon Smith to Double Bacon Cheeseburger. Would you go this far to show your love of bacon? View the article here: [ Huff.to Link ]