Kiwi Bacon
03/16/2017 at 03:51. Facebook
Is a baked potato really a baked potato without bacon? Make your own bacon bits by cooking streaky bacon until crispy, dice and sprinkle. Who's ready to try one?
What is this we just found? Glazed donuts with bacon and cream cheese icing? Um, we'll take seven please....
Hereโ€™s an easy way to earn extra brownie points. Thanks to the best emoji in the history of emojis, making breakfast in bed has never been easier. Go on, give it a try.
How tan do you go over summer? Barely fried, evenly cooked or extra crispy? Tell us how you prefer your bacon!
Got a bacon-lover in your life? Show them you care with chocolate-dipped bacon roses this Valentineโ€™s Day. After all, what says โ€˜I love youโ€™ better than bacon!
Nothing says Waitangi weekend like a classic Kiwi fry up. And what's a fry up without a little Kiwi Bacon, right?
"New year, new you" says to eat more salads, but no one said you have to ditch the flavour! Add a bit of delicious bacon to your leafy greens and enjoy your healthy new self!
What do we want? Bacon ice cream! When do we want it? Now! Ok, great โ€“ hereโ€™s a recipe for a creamy and dreamy bacon ice cream, give it a whirl and tell us what you think: [ Link ]
Our happy pigs are out enjoying the summer sunshine โ€“ thatโ€™s because theyโ€™re all free-farmed and can come and go as they please.
We all know bacon and eggs are soul mates but we want to know what else goes with your bacon? Tell us what you have with your bacon to be into win some of our free-farmed goodness.

Competition ends Monday 23rd Jan at 5pm.
Whoโ€™s lucky enough to have any leftover Christmas ham? We love using ours in an old-fashioned bubble 'n' squeak, but we want to know what you do with yours. Tell us your best leftovers go-to!
Got one of our tasty Kiwi hams and need a great glaze? Check out our Spiced Beer glaze for a slightly different twist on your Christmas ham. [ Link ]
Opening presents or opening the fridge to see a tasty Kiwi Ham staring back at you - which one are you looking more forward to this Christmas?
Itโ€™s Christmas, which means Christmas ham, which also means delicious times ahead. Our eyes glazed over when they saw this Spiced Orange and Hoisin Glaze recipe โ€“ yum: [ Link ]

Share with us your favourite glazed ham recipe to be in to WIN one of 5x Kiwi hams.

T&Cs apply: Competition ends 16th Dec at 5pm.
Everything is better wrapped in bacon.
We make some damn good bacon, but hey, some people like to DIY it. Bacon lovers Christmas present?

Make your own Bacon | - Shop for the Unusual
Movie night just got better. Kettle corn popcorn + bacon = sweet and savoury genius. Be right back โ€“ just need to go make this now.
It may be mini but it packs some flavoursome punch! Check out our delicious bacony take on the dinner table staple โ€“ the meatloaf: [ Link ]
Move over PB & J, weโ€™ve got the newest spread in town. Bacon jam. Yes, itโ€™s delicious โ€“ find out how to make it here: [ Link ]
Although itโ€™s slightly warmer outside, itโ€™s never too warm for hot bacon covered fries! Make your Mondays awesome with this for lunch.