Viral video shows heated argument on train when a woman SITS on a man's feet when he wouldn't take them off of a seat

Viral Video Shows Woman SIT On Man's Feet While On Train | KJ 97
You should go home and check the date on yours..

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It happened at last night's Edmonton, Alberta concert.

Garth Brooks Gives 5 Millionth Fans New Cars | KJ 97
I'm sure if your pup didn't make this list it was a simple oversight and if you're looking for a pup.

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Especially if you live in tight neighborhoods or apartment complexes, keep your eyes peeled

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Randy Carroll, Jamie Martin and JoJo are at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
Ibuprofen is usually prescribed for everything from headaches to arthritis. However, if you're over 40 it's probably not the best thing for you.

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Randy Carroll's live at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo with champion bull rider Trey Benton. My friends at Ranch Hand Truck Accessories sponsor him.
Pre-school teacher in Texas has been suspended for encouraging social media followers to “kill some Jews”

Texas Pre-School Teacher Removed From Classroom After Twitter Calls to ‘Kill Some Jews’ Come to Light | KJ 97
Some chubby tigers in a Chinese wildlife habitat apparently didn't take kindly to their exercise routine, catching and destroying a drone meant to get them moving

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Chubby Tigers Catch, Destroy Exercise Drone | KJ 97
These days, Virsaviya can't go to school because it's too risky, but she doesn't let her condition stop her from living

7-Year-Old Girl Has Been Living With Her Heart Outside Of Her Chest | KJ 97
She was waiting in line for coffee when she saw 3 teen employees lean out the window to grab onto the driver's hand.

Three Teens Grab Onto Sobbing Woman At The Drive-Thru...But Have No Clue The Lady Behind Is Filming | KJ 97
Sometimes it's not what your kids want it's what they need.

What A Single Mom Did With Her Tax Return Has Gone Viral | KJ 97
This guy had an infected fingernail, so he did what any rational person would do.

Video: Guy Pops HUGE Finger Infection | KJ 97
Here is what she was wearing. Decide for yourselves if there's anything wrong with it.

Man Who Kicked Woman In Face Because Her Skirt Was Too Short Gets Acquitted (Photo) | KJ 97