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1947 | Kitchen | Meals | KLM since 1919
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How is your view today?
A beautiful fairy tail.
Jackpot in the cockpit!
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Winter hawk
Can you spot the 5 differences?
1949 | Chef | Service | KLM since 1919
The power of 1 jet engine is equivalent to that of 28 formula-1 racing cars.

8 Things You Probably Don't know about Jet Engines

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Did you know that...
Prague is the proud owner of the largest castle in the World.

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Did you know that... Budapest has more thermal springs than any other capital city in the world.

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Happy Chinese New Year celebrations and a lot of luck in the year of the rooster!
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Saviez-vous que....
La première boule à neige a été créée à Vienne et avait une réplique de la basilique de Mariazell .

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Did you know...
The first snow globe was born In Vienna and had replica of a miniature replica of the Mariazell Basilica.

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Just chilling...
It's a Blue Blue World!