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Type "Taj Mahal" when you found them all ;-)
KLM South Africa
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What a beautiful skyscape!
KLM South Africa
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S'cuse me while I kiss the sky! (and a bit of the sun)
Here's what we did in 2016!
Happy New Year!
KLM South Africa wishes you all a happy and successful 2017!
It's Merry Christmas morning!
And KLM South Africa wishes you a very merry day!
Look up, there's magic in the air!
Some interesting facts about landing!

How to Perform a 'Good' Landing

Happy Reconciliation Day!
Wishing you a wonderful long weekend.
Who's the noisiest of them all? ;-)
Time for some fun ;-)
Almost home (time!)
Tow with the flow!
Air traffic controllers have to speak 5 different languages.
True or false?

6 Air traffic control myths busted

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