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Oooh! That's a bit cold!
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It's time to spot the 5 differences again!
This time we're in Rio!
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We are celebrating Human Rights day with you!
From KLM South Africa!
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When you flush, a journey begins. But what's the destination?

This is What Happens to Your Number Two

Stairway to Heaven ✈
"Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly"
It's time to whisk you off into the weekend!
Do you feel most alive when travelling? Well, get your ticket on sale and hop on that aircraft!

Check it out!

Happy International Women's day ladies. Have a great day!
5 Days, 5 Destinations, 1 Price! Business Class DUO Promo. Enjoy the luxury!

Europe from R29000 p/p

Looking for a local bar or nearest bike rental at your holiday destination? Find your way with one emoji.
Ready? Set… Fly! Give in to wanderlust and get ready for a new adventure.

Find your deal!

Group hug!
Hi, I'm a Boeing 787 and my name is Dahlia, what's yours?
An opportunity to swap your doubles! (if you're lucky enough to have some!)

Let's Swap KLM-Houses

KLM was recently named the safest European airline and the most punctual Airline globally!
Read all about it: [ Klmf.ly Link ]
The greatest skating race of all is the Elfstedentocht, a 200-kilometre, one-day event that passes through eleven cities, towns and villages in the northern province of Friesland.

Do the Dutch: Go Ice Skating through 11 Cities

If you can't find them, just enjoy the view ;-)
✈ Paperplane trivia! ✈
What is the world record for flight of a paper plane?